Winter in Joensuu

Feeling the cold of Europe for 2 years seems not to be enough for me. I am a girl coming from the North of Vietnam, where the weather is humid and subtropical. During summer, it’s really hot, sometimes the sun is our “enemy”. Meanwhile, winter is humid and cold with rain, that’s why I was so excited for the first time seeing snow in my life. Let me tell you why I am in a love-hate relationship with this beautiful creature 😉

I love snow since the day I was planning to study abroad. The moment when I was on the 

bus to Helsinki with my friend was the first day I admired snowflakes in my life. 7 hours on the bus were expected to be so longgg but none of us knew that day was the beginning of winter. It was still the most precious memory that I cannot forget. Imagine when every road we passed was covered with white color, everything looked like a scene in fairy tales. How can someone hate snow if they see that moment?

But…cold days make me homesick. Studying abroad is always a challenge. You can live alone, enjoy yourself, do whatever you want, have more private spaces but sometimes you may feel lonely. You will miss the day when your family gathered to have a warm dinner then talk about daily life. Or, you may miss your grand-father who likes to sit near the balcony and have a cup of coffee, listen to his old favorite songs. Winter in Joensuu is much colder than Vietnam, that’s why you may want to come back home to sleep with your mom on a big and super warm bed then tell her that you are afraid of being an adult. Cold days may make you want to be a child, but everyone has to grow up and experience something even more wonderful than a snowy day.

                                                               My Vietnamese IB classmates 


Chi Nguyen

2 thoughts on “Winter in Joensuu

  1. Wahdan Arum Inawati

    Hello, how did you get there?
    Is there any scholarship at Karelia UAS?

    1. chinguyen Post author

      I took part in the entrance exam in 2016 in Vietnam and got accepted to be a student of Karelia UAS.
      At the moment, Karelia is offering 50% scholarship for non-EU students. There are two applicant periods this spring 2019: 9 – 23 January 2019 and 20 March – 3 April 2019. Apply in January, if you need a possibility to take the entrance examination outside Finland!

      Please check out our university website for new applicant periods!


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