ECMT+ Intensive program in Wildau, Germany

Two memorable and educating  weeks in studying Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams at Technische Hochschuhle Wildau, Germany.

I just came back from Wildau, German after studying 2 intensive weeks about Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams. It was a memorable and educating trip in my study path. I had chance to meet a lot of talented students form 7 universities around Europe and experts on different fields as well. During these two weeks, we formed an international team and developed business idea to solve the problem of urbanization. In the first week, there were a lot of lectures providing essential background knowledge in entrepreneurship and communication in multicultural context. The second week focused more on business models. Each group spent more time working on prototypes and consulted their coaches in order to prepare for the pitching on the last day. We also had chance to visit Berlin as part of study, where we conducted survey to improve out prototypes for the product. There were also some well- organized activities to support our study. For example,  students had chance to visit some co- working space to get an insight into entrepreneurial aspect of this city. At the end of the course, each group delivered pitches in front of the jury and awards were given to the best start-up concept, best presentation, the most surprising project and the best project selected by the students.

The first workshop

Team Finland

We meet Wildau robot at university library

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My group with the idea to develop a Simply Find app for shopping won Good Pitch Prize. In the late of afternoon on the last day, the hosting university organized a small event where we could try German beer and sausages, hang out and play the Beer Pong with some academic staff.

My group Simply Find won Good Pitch Prize

This IP program will be organized in Roanne, France. Stay tuned for the application period in the summer!

Image credit: ECMT+ Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams Facebook Page

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