Kaspars Kokins, Latvia

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 2013
Export manager, Porokka Forest Oy, Finland  

KK1 fw

Currently I am working as an export manage of Finnish company Porokka Forest Oy. Company has more than 30 years of experience in the field of forestry machinery, mostly dealing with timber cranes. My main duty is to improve company's exporting performance. Such a position demand both creative and technical knowledge, that's a challenge. Before my current job, I used to work as business development specialist for a hometown municipality and as a project manager for a car-rental broker. Both of those positions similarly as my existing job I gained through networking.

Studies benefited my carrier in two ways: Firstly, networking, and secondly, information about the concepts and the subjects of the business world. The best memories from studying at Karelia UAS were lessons with lecturers from different countries that provided students with variety of opinions about subjects and altered a critical thinking. The most useful courses for my career were Business Legislation, Export, Marketing, Finance and language (Russian).

My plan for the future is to gain more practical experience. An advice for students: While you are studying focus on two things: 1) networking, 2) CV. Both will turn out useful in your future.