Nordic Business Forum brings Barack Obama and many other world class keynote speakers to Finland

- come and hear what they have to say in a free live stream event in Joensuu!

East Stream and Nordic Business Forum talks start on Wednesday 26.9. at 12 in Joensuu Science Park, building 3A, 4th floor, Temple of Challenge. On Thursday 27.9. the programme continues in Joensuu Science Park, main building, 1st floor, Louhela-sali.

In the East Stream event you’ll see all the Nordic Business Forum talks. The event is free of charge and you don’t need to inform us about your attendance. Just show up for the full day or pick the talks that you want to see.

The East Stream event is organized by Joensuu Science Park, Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK, KYKY project and Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society. The event is also a part of the Polku entrepreneurship week programme.

Nordic Business Forum is the largest business seminar of the Nordics. The event gathers more than 7500 people physically in Helsinki and tens of thousands of people through live stream events to witness the talks. Last year the East Stream event in Joensuu was attended by around 100 people.


Wednesday 26.9. - Joensuu Science Park, 3A, 4th floor, Temple of Challenge
12:00 Aswath Damodaran – Laws of Valuation: Revealing the Myths and Misconceptions
12:50 James Hewitt – The Key to Sustainable High Performance
13:10 Susan Cain – Quiet: How to Harness the Strengths of Introverts to Change How We Work, Lead, and Innovate
14:55 Gary Hamel – Building an “Evolutionary Advantage”
16:05 Amy Cuddy – Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges
17:35 John Mackey – Conscious Capitalism: How Purpose Can Affect Stakeholder Integration, Leadership, and Culture
18:30 Marcus Buckingham – Find Your Edge, Win at Work

Thursday 27.9. - Joensuu Science Park, 1, 1st floor, Louhela-sali
10:00 Don Tapscott – Winning in the Second Era of the Internet
11:00 Andrew McAfee – Why We’re Still Underestimating Artificial Intelligence
13:30 Niklas Zennström – A Conversation on AI, Technology and Scaling from Europe
14:10 Lindsey Vonn – A Conversation on Peak Performance, Winning, and Coming Back
14:40 Steven Kotler – Climbing Mount Bold: How Companies Can Level-Up Their Game Like Never Before with Accelerating Technology and the Power of the Crowd
16:20 A Moderated Conversation with President Barack Obama in discussion with Niklas Zennström

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