Karelia UAS awarded two Students of the Year and two Student Groups of the Year


Karelia UAS has selected the Student of the Year 2017 and the Student Group of the Year 2017 based on nominations given by students and the staff. Student Union POKA organised the nomination process and the final decision was made in cooperation with POKA and Karelia UAS members of staff. After studying the various nominations, the selection committee decided to choose two Students of the Year and two Student Groups of the Year.

Students of the Year:

Jukka Juvonen is a nursing student studying in multi-form programme. Juvonen is originally from North Karelia and has recently moved back here with his family. Jukka Juvonen has progressed extremely well in his studies and has been able to combine his studies, family life and other aspects of life. Besides taking well care of his own responsibilities, he is genuinely interested in the welfare of his fellow students and he creates a positive learning atmosphere around him.

Ida-Maria Koponen is a forestry student who is very motivated and determined. She has been performing excellently in her studies and she has developed her competence determinedly and bravely. She supports the target-oriented learning of her entire study group, cooperates smoothly with the staff, and is active in holding responsibility.

Student Groups of the Year:

The fourth-year social services student group STSNS14A consists of 17 students, including two already graduated students. The composition of the group has remained tight, and the progress of studies in the whole group has been exceptionally good. The group works fluently and actively together as a group in studies, but it has also become a close community the members of which support each other. It has also been valuable that several persons from this group have been involved in the shared Karelia UAS activities and participated in the creation of our entire higher education community.

The health care Master’s programme focusing on ageing-related competence is the first group of students in Finland who have started studies in this subject. The group started its studies in autumn 2015. As it is a Master’s programme, the students take their studies alongside with their jobs, and seen from this perspective, the progress of studies in the group has been excellent. Already five students from this group have graduated and many students have progressed in their careers because of their studies. Student feedback from this group has been very good and as pioneers in this education, the students have been actively developing their education. The group has a good mutual atmosphere and the students share their knowledge actively and support each other well.