New Draft teams elected

This autumn eight new teams were elected to take part in the Draft Program® of Karelia UAS and UEF. The teams will test and develop their ideas with the help of micro funding during the next 8 months. All 12 pre-selected teams presented high-class ideas to the Draft Board. In the end, the most innovative ideas were selected. The new team leaders and ideas are:

  1. Ville Mertanen: New way to do wood construction
  2. Toivo Ylinampa: 3D scanning and modelling
  3. Nhi Hoang: New way to generate electricity
  4. Paula Huttunen: An option to drone-based monitoring systems
  5. Sara Allaouat: Social network solution
  6. Miikka Kostian: Weather detection technology
  7. Aki Hattunen: Rain detection technology
  8. Himanshu Mundhwa: Solution for people who love mushrooms

Diverse teams and a new sponsor

This autumn teams are particularly diverse, which delights Draft Program leaders. There are students and staff members from both Karelia UAS and UEF in many teams. In addition, local entrepreneurs build teams together with students and staff members of both organizations.

The new sponsor of the Draft Program is CONNAX, which selected one team they will support during the next 8 months. One of the founders of CONNAX, Ilya Sokolov, took part in the Draft Program with his team for the first time in 2014. Now the company “wants to create a good tradition and show example for all Draft graduates how to promote Draft and ideas of micro funding further.”

The Best IoT idea was presented by Toivo Ylinampa and his team about 3D scanning and modelling.

“The main reason for selecting this team was our ability to support the project in multiple ways: One of our co-founders is a Senior Image Processing Engineer at Powervision Robotics. In addition, CONNAX has huge unused server capacities which can be utilized for the project and the project could be interesting for some of our investors”, Sokolov says. 

Draft supports development ideas of students and staff members

Draft application process is organized three times a year and about 20 teams get funding for testing and further developing their product and service ideas every year. Teams that have at least two members can apply. At least one team member must be a student, staff or faculty member of Karelia UAS or University of Eastern Finland.

Draft program is funded by Karelia UAS, UEF, William and Ester Otsakorpi Foundation, PKO Regional Co-operative and CONNAX.

The next application process will be organized in January 2018.