Strong regional influence by Karelia University of Applied Sciences


The social and regional impact of Karelia University of Applied Sciences has been studied through the direct and indirect income and employment effects of the Karelia UAS use of budgetary funds. In addition, the regional impact of teaching and research, development and innovation activities has been studied using other selected indicators.

Karelia UAS has a strong cultural, social, economic and societal influence. In its field of activity, the direct and indirect impacts of the Karelia UAS use of budgetary funds are at least 33 million euros and 525 man-years each year. In addition, Karelia UAS provides the highest level vocational education and research in North Karelia and, thus, responds to the labour and development needs of regional companies and organisations. The studies show that the working life partners of Karelia UAS have been satisfied with the RDI cooperation with Karelia UAS. The development work included in the students’ studies is of significant amount. The salaries and entrepreneurial income of graduates from Karelia UAS in North Karelia and elsewhere in Finland are considerable.