Students of Karelia UAS are satisfied with their studies


Karelia University of Applied Sciences collects annual feedback from all students in January-March. Based on the most recent feedback, students of Karelia UAS are mostly satisfied with their studies. The overall satisfaction reached the level of 81% for the fourth year in a row, which means that the result remained at the same level with the three previous years, i.e. at the highest level in the history of Karelia UAS. The first-year students were most satisfied with the education (overall satisfaction of 88%), but the differences between different year courses and different fields of study were smaller than in previous years. The results of the feedback survey are significant, particularly since the response rate has been very high in recent years and this year, the number of respondents to the survey was even higher compared with the previous years.

In the satisfaction survey, the students rated the curriculum, implementation of studies, study counselling and evaluation of studies, and development of competence. Based on the results, 78% of the respondents were satisfied with the curriculum. The overall satisfaction with the implementation of studies was as much as 84%. Almost all respondents (96%) considered that the cooperation between students and teachers works well. The level of satisfaction regarding study counselling and evaluation of studies was the highest in the history of Karelia UAS (81%). In addition, the overall satisfaction regarding the development of competence remained at a very high level (81%).

In recent years, we have enforced our study counselling processes and strived for creating such an atmosphere here at Karelia UAS that shows caring, allows broaching and enables communal development. We have also introduced data systems that support the monitoring of the progress of studies. These systematic development procedures are bearing fruit now, which is why I would like to thank the entire staff and the student union, says Vice President Pekka Auvinen.

The student union of Karelia UAS, POKA, is also happy with the results of the feedback survey.

We are happy to hear about the high satisfaction level and about this year’s high response rate in particular. Since POKA supervises the interest of Karelia UAS students, it is important that the students are active in providing feedback. The feedback also shows how cooperation between students and teachers in developing the education, and the curricula in particular, has provided good results over the past year, says Robert Kuhlmann, the Chairman of the Board of POKA.

The satisfaction level of Master’s Degree students remained at a high level (82%) as in previous year.

The obtained feedback will be discussed and processed by all student groups in April and in May, and the specific areas and measures of development will be decided on the basis of the feedback. The development work will be implemented in close cooperation with the student union POKA, since Karelia UAS has a strategic partnership with POKA.