Karelia University of Applied Sciences awarded the best theses of 2017


Karelia University of Applied Sciences has awarded the best theses conducted in 2017. The theme of this year’s Thesis of the Year -competition was Future Now. The aim of the thesis competition is to present innovative theses that benefit their own field of profession both now and in the near future.

The best Bachelor’s thesis was conducted by Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Information Technology), Mr Tuomas Kalliola, from the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology. Kalliola’s thesis, Implementation of Customer Service Chatbot, examines the utilisation of new artificial intelligence methods in the planning and construction of a practical chatbot application by combining the features of both research-based and functional theses bravely and successfully. The thesis process resulted in the creation of an intelligent, discussing prototype of a customer service chatbot in two languages, in English and in Finnish. The thesis was commissioned by Proper Oy, which also gained a clear added value for its business due to this thesis.

The best Master’s thesis was conducted by Masters of Health Care and Social Services, Ms Jaana Hirvonen and Ms Sari Nykänen-Juvonen, from the Degree Programme in Active Ageing. The thesis, Memory Nurses as Developers of Care of People with Memory Disorders in the Area of Siun sote Organisation, was conducted during the creation of the North Karelian Siun Sote model for health care and social services and it promotes the networking and regional organisation of memory nurses during the emergence of the new organisation. The thesis was commissioned by Siun Sote and it also has national influence. The thesis has gained national publicity in, for example, the education and information distribution provided by the Alzheimer Society of Finland.

The awarded theses were selected by a jury including Principal Lecturers Tuula Kukkonen, Kim Wrange and Jari Kupiainen. The jury was chaired by Principal Lecturer Tarja Kupiainen.