Defence exercise in Joensuu and nearby municipalities 10–14 September


The Finnish Defence Forces’ local defence units and local authorities will be training the defence of North Karelia on 10–14 September 2018. The training sites are mainly in Joensuu, but also in Liperi and Kontiolahti.

Soldiers and military vehicles will be visible in town

In total, approximately 1,000 people will participate in the exercise. The "Joensuu 18" exercise will be visible particularly between Tuesday and Thursday in different parts of Joensuu and Ylämylly, Onttola and Jaamankangas. In the town, military and official vehicles such as armoured personnel carriers will be seen as well as soldiers moving around on foot.

Blank ammunition will be used in the exercise

On Thursday 13 September, noise will be heard in the Penttilä–Kuhasalo–Vehkalahti area in the vicinity of the harbour from 7 am to 6 pm. During that time, the Kuhasalo outdoor area is closed to the public.

During the exercise, blank ammunition will be used. It is harmless and does not pose a threat to bystanders but will make some noise. The exercise will not include any shooting of live rounds.

The exercise situations will test leadership and cooperation among the authorities

The goal is to train the defence forces, authorities and other parties in emergency situations in a civilian environment. Leadership and cooperation among authorities will be tested in a variety of exercise situations.

Organised by the Kainuu Brigade, the exercise will include personnel, reservists and conscripts from the Kainuu Brigade and the North Karelia Border Guard. In addition, personnel will also include the Eastern Finland Police Department, the North Karelia Rescue Department, the City of Joensuu, Finavia, VR and social and health services in North Karelia.

The "Joensuu 18" exercise is part of a number of local defence exercises taking place simultaneously in different parts of Finland. Follow the exercise in social media with the identifier #joensuu18.