Entrance examination - Additional application 2019


Entrance examination for Karelia UAS' Degree Programmes in International Business on 14 August 2019 at Wärtsilä Campus (Karjalankatu 3, 80200 Joensuu)

Registeration at 9.30 - 10.00, main lobby
Written Exam at 10.00 - 13.00, LITE 100, auditorium
Group Discussions: a 30-minute group interview starting at 13.30, LITE 219, Teoria, 40

All eligible applicants will be invited to the examination. If you are invited to an examination, you will receive an invitation email containing detailed information soon after the application period has ended.

Pre-reading material

Pre-reading material for the entrance examination includes two articles mentioned below. You must study the material carefully before the entrance exam. It is not allowed to take the material to the actual exam and the material will not be available during the exam. 

1. SHIFT - A review and framework for encouraging ecologically sustainable
consumer behaviour
LINK to the article: https://media.sitra.fi/2018/05/23161207/sitrashiftraporttiwww.pdf
Authors: written for Sitra by Katherine White and Rishad Habib
Place of publication: Helsinki
Year of publication: Sitra studies 132, 2018
Publisher: Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund)
ISBN 978-952-347-044-6 (PDF) www.sitra.fi

2. Business Matters – Measurement of socio-economic impacts of business
LINK to the arcticle:
Authors: Edited and compiled by Helena Kekki, Kira Kareinen, Riikka Leppänen and
Tuuli Nummelin.
Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: FIBS, www.fibsry.fi

The entrance examination consists of the following sections (min./max. scores): an essay (3/10 points), multiple-choice questions (2/6 points), a section measuring mathematical/logical thinking (2/8 points) and an interview (3/16 points).

The essay and the interview are combined in the entrance examination as an integrated section measuring English language proficiency. The section testing English language proficiency will be assessed pass/fail. The Essay is the test for written English and the Group Discussion is testing the oral skills. Applicants must receive at a minimum of 3 points of both these sections.

Applicants must participate in all examination sections. If an applicant skips a section, the entrance examination will be failed. Applicants must score at least 10 points in the entrance examination (max. 40 points).

The entrance examination result is valid for the duration of the application period in question.

You may only bring your writing material (pencil/ pen, sharpener, eraser and ruler) to the examination. In the International Business/ Business Management entrance exam no extra materials or dictionaries, or mobile phones or calculators are allowed.

This application is used for applying special arrangements on entrance examinations