Welcoming Guide

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia University of Applied Sciences is situated in a region that provides attractive facilities for living, working and entrepreneurship. The region of North Karelia is renowned for a traditional and active cultural life, as well as unspoiled nature. Karelia University of Applied Sciences Approximately 4 000 students take Bachelor and Master level courses at Karelia UAS yearly in its seven fields of education.

Education in universities of applied sciences offers a practical approach to higher education and emphasises close contacts with the business, industry and service sectors. The degrees are designed to have a strong professional emphasis.


Structure of a Bachelor’s Degree

At the Bachelor’s degrees the studies are divided into five main areas: basic studies, professional studies, optional studies, practical training and thesis. The extent of a Bachelor’s degree at universities of applied sciences is 210 – 270 ECTS credits and the completion of the degree takes 3.5 – 4.5 years.

The values that Karelia UAS follows in strategic decisions and daily action are: cooperating with the working life, impacting the region and advancing innovation. The operations are based on customer-orientation and interaction. Karelia UAS works efficiently and effectively in education, applied research and regional development for the success and well-being of its operational environment.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences is very active in the international arena. It participates e.g. in Erasmus+, NORDPLUS and FIRST pgrammes and has many bilateral cooperation agreements outside programmes. The international activities aim to strengthen the professional and intercultural competences of students and staff, to provide an international aspect to curriculum development and to enhance the internationalisation of the region.