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Leisure activities, social life and sports

Google map with various destinations 

The Joensuu Tourist Office is located in Carelicum. Tel. (013) 248 5319.


We have gathered here some tips about places and activities that you might be interested in visiting or seeing when you have some free time in Joensuu. You can find updated information in FB groups, and in the local newspapers Karjalainen and Karjalan Heili.

Adult education center

Community College of Joensuu Area (Kansalaisopisto)
Papinkatu 3, Tel. (013) 267 5929

The Community College of Joensuu Area offers a wide selection of courses ranging from philosophy to car repairing; courses are open to everyone, regardless of a person’s previous education. Registration fees are usually from 20 to 100 euros. Finnish for Foreigners courses are also offered. For detailed programmes, please contact the Adult Education Centre office.

Botanical garden

Contains about 900 species of plants from 113 countries all over the world. The collection of greenhouses (570 m2) imitate five climatic regions: tropical, sub-tropical summer-rain, sub-tropical winter-rain, temperate and desert areas. There is also a small greenhouse (180 m2) for propagation and research purposes, two small plastic greenhouses for summer use only and in summer, visitors may stroll through the outside garden. The Tropical Butterfly Garden is open for visitors from April to September. Also available for visitors are Café Botania and Boutique Botania.

Cinemas, theatre, music

Tapio, Kauppakatu 27 (www.savonkinot.fi/joensuu)

Foreign films are shown in the original language with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. Tickets cost approximately 8,50-9,00 euros. Films usually run one to three weeks.

Rock and pop
The rock and pop scene in Joensuu is very active. A popular rock festival called Ilosaarirock is arranged every year in mid July drawing tens of thouKäyttäjäryhmä, Konsertti, Musiikkisands of young people into the city (www.ilosaarirock.fi). At other times there are several live performances weekly. Please follow the advertisements and bulletin boards.

Rock club Kerubi

Joensuu Orchestra
Concerts at Carelia Hall, Yliopistokatu 2, are usually on Thursdays. Information and tickets available at Carelicum and
at Carelia Hall one hour before the concert.

Joensuu Town Theatre
Town Hall, Rantakatu 20, information and tickets at Carelicum, tel. (013) 267 5222 or at the Town Hall one hour before the performance, tel. (013) 267 5295.

Student Theatre
Jokikatu 8, Information about performances is in the University of Joensuu student newspaper Ylioppilaslehti.

City library
Koskikatu 25

The City Library has books in several languages, music, videos, magazines, international newspapers and a café. The library also has material for studying the Finnish language. Library cards can be obtained from the main desk. The Branch Libraries are located in Rantakylä/ Pataluodonkatu 2, Niinivaara/ Suvikatu 16 and Karsikko/Kettuvaarantie 28.

Community resource centre of Joensuu

Torikatu 30

An Internet cafe, a meeting place, bikes for rent.


Art Museum
Kirkkokatu 23 (the large red-brick building)

A permanent collection of Finnish art, sections of Chinese art, ancient
Greek and Roman art, and Orthodox icons from the monastery of Megri.
Changing exhibitions.

Art Centre Ahjo
Kirkkokatu 23 (the yellow wooden building)

A fresh view of North Karelian and other Finnish art in exhibitions of photographic art, paintings and handicrafts.

Carelicum - North Karelian Museum
Koskikatu 5

A modern museum of history and culture. An exhibition entitled “Karelia
– both sides of the border” takes a look at the region of Karelia in its historical and cultural entity. Please ask at the Tourist Information Desk in Carelicum for information on the smaller art galleries!

Pubs, restaurants and cafés
There are several pubs, restaurants, pizzerias and cafés in Joensuu. The opening hours vary, but usually the cafeterias are open at 8-18, but restaurants stay open till later in the evening. Most pubs open around 13 and  close around 02. Nightclubs open at 22 and close at 04.

Religious denominations

Student ministers
Help and information is available for students from different religious backgrounds. Student minister can be reached by mobile telephone or e-mail.
Contact Minister Markku Fräntilä, tel. 050 383 0336, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Joensuu Lutheran Student Parish offers various activities. During semesters the main gatherings are at Kirkkokatu 28. Discussion topics vary from religious matters to relationships.

Lutheran congregations
Parish hall, Kirkkokatu 28, tel. (013) 263 5300
Church of Joensuu, at the south end of Kirkkokatu street
Church of Noljakka, Noljakantie 81
Church of Pielisensuu, Tikkamäentie 15
Church of Rantakylä, Rantakylänkatu 2

The Orthodox Church of Saint Nikolaos, at the north end of Kirkkokatu street, Saturday Vigilia at 6 p.m., Sunday Liturgy at 10 a.m.

The International Christian Fellowship in Joensuu is an interdenominational and international group of people, seeking to build bridges, encourage unity and love between people of all nations. You are welcome to share with and meet others in these meetings. Activities: regular get-to-gethers, English Services, Holy Catholic Masses. Contact Lea Honkanen, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Catholic Church, Holy Catholic Mass in the Orthodox parish hall, Kirkkokatu 32, 
Tel. 0500 848 073, Veli-Jaakko Franzi.
Free Church, Kalevankatu 36, interpretation into English on Family Service on Sundays.
Pentecostal Church, Niinivaarantie 26; translation into English during every Sunday morning Service at 11 a.m.
Joensuu Mosque, Kauppakatu 3



Please ask from Student Union Poka about Sykettä sport activities at the university.


Persons 18 years of age and over must pay a fishing management fee (kalastuksenhoitomaksu in Finnish) and a local fishing license (kalastuslupa) which can be purchased at post offices. Fishing licenses for the rapids of the River Pielisjoki are available at the Joensuu Tourist Office, Carelicum and Hotel Kimmel, Itäranta 1. However, no fishing licenses are needed for ice fishing or angling.

Fitness clubs and gyms

BB-Gym, Yliopistokatu 41, tel. (013) 610 0160 www.bb-gym.fi
Itä-Suomen liikuntaopisto (ISLO), Papinkatu 3, tel. (013) 267 5077 www.islo.fi/en /
Naisten kuntokoulu (for women only), Torikatu 33, tel. (013) 248 1248 www.naistenkuntokoulu.fi
Fitness & Aerobic club, Teollisuuskatu 1, tel. (013) 123 258 www.fittari.fi
Vesikko (swimming hall), Uimarintie 1, tel. (013) 267 5354 
Gym center Kaisla, Kaislakatu 4, tel. 050 382 1785 www.kuntokeskuskaisla.com
Lady Line, Female Sports Club, Torikatu 21 C, 5th floor, tel. 010 397 8877 www.ladyline.fi
Viilinki, Rantamutalantie 100, tel. 013-823911 www.viilinki.com
HealthEx Joensuu, Torikatu 31, tel. 013-671 117 www.healthex.fi

A monthly membership card for a gym costs around 40-70 euros.

Sport halls

Joensuun Kuntokeidas  - www.joensuunkuntokeidas.fi
Linnunlahdentie 10, tel. (013) 126 558 Bowling, tennis, squash, badminton, indoor climbing, table tennis, minigolf, billiards, and golf simulator.

Intersport Center  - www.liikuntakeskus.info/
Raatekankaantie 12, tel: 0509 - 124 411

Badminton, indoor bandy, skateboarding, futsal

Public swimming pools
Vesikko, Uimarintie 1(opposite the Carelia Hall building of the University of Joensuu), also a gym available.
Rantakylä Pataluodonkatu 2
Kuntohovi Nepenmäenkatu 2

Joensuun Jääkarhut (Joensuu Polar Bears Ice-Swimming Club). Swimming and sauna for non-members by a single payment. The 5€ wristband can be bought at the club or at the nearby kiosk which is open from 10 am to 8 pm. For location and opening hours see www.joensuunjaakarhut.fi or contact Mr. Jukka Vuorinen tel. 045 784 51990.

Winter sports

There are excellent opportunities for skiing and skating in Joensuu. You can find skating rinks around the town in wintertime. Skates can be purchased at sports shops, department stores or flea markets. Alternatively, you can borrow a pair of skates from a fellow Finnish student.

Skiing is a very important part of Finnish culture. If you have never skied before, in Finland you have a unique opportunity of trying both cross-country and downhill skiing. There are many publicly maintained trails in Joensuu, for example the one at Mehtimäki, very close to the Joensuu Areena. Trails are always open, naturally depending on the snow conditions, and some of the trails are lit. There are also many downhill skiing centres in the surroundings of Joensuu, such as Mustavaara and Koli. Koli is situated a

Luistimet, Lumi, Kylmä, Ice, Luistelu

bout 70 km north of Joensuu. It is a beautiful, popular downhill skiing centre. There are bus trips to Koli January-March on Saturdays. All centres also rent the necessar

y equipment for downhill skiing. Equipment for cross-country skiing is rented at Koli. If you want to try skiing in Joensuu, please ask the Student Unions. There might also be second-hand skies for sale at the flea markets.

Snowshoeing is a popular form of winter sports. For renting snowshoes, please contact:
Pohjois-Karjalan liikunta, www.pokali.fi

Other activities  

Gays and lesbians
The Joensuu division of SETA (The Finnish Gay and Lesbian Association) has activities and parties monthly, and provides support services for its members. More information in English is available at