Welcoming Guide

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The shops are usually open at least from 9 to 17 on weekdays and from 9 to 13 (or even until 15) on Saturdays. Department stores and shopping centres keep their doors open from 9 to 21 Monday through Friday and from 9 to 18 on Saturdays, many of the shops are also open on Sundays from 12 to 21. There is a 24-hour-shop in Joensuu, located in Marjala. Most newsagents (kioski) are open every day from 9 to 21.

Department stores

You can find groceries and other food items, clothes, kitchen utensils, magazines, cosmetics, etc. at the following department stores:
Citymarket Kauppakatu 16 and Pilkko shopping centre (near Noljakka)
City Sokos Siltakatu 6 (downtown)
Prisma Voimatie 2 (shopping centre)
Carlson Torikatu 18
Iso Myy Siltakatu 10 (shopping centre)

Book store

Suomalainen kirjakauppa, Kauppakatu 26 (inside shopping centre Iso Myy)

Flea markets

Here are listed some of the more permanent flea markets. Please note that the opening hours vary.

FIDA (Lutheran Missionary Work), Torikatu 19
Uusiotori (Recycling Centre), Penttilänkatu 7-9 and Teollisuuskatu 5-7
Joen Jättikirppis, Raatekankaantie 4
SPR - Kontti (Finnish Red Cross), Voimatie 10 (near Prisma shopping center)
Valintakirppis, Teollisuuskatu 4

Market place

Market Hall,
Closed and under construction
Open Market,
temporaly closed and under construction.
Meanwhile you can find farm products, seasonal products and crafts
Mon-Sat 7-14

In addition, there is a traditional, two-day open-air market (markkinat in Finnish) four times a year
with the market place full of stands and people – definitely worth visiting.

Local handicrafts and gift shops

Arts & Craft quarter, Koskikatu 1 (cafe, art and workshops)
Karjalaiset taitajat, Market Hall
Karelian Art & Craft, Carelicum, Koskikatu 5
Maailmankauppa “World Shop”,  Koskikatu 11 C (specializes in Fair Trade goods)



In Finland strong alcohol such as wine and spirits can be bought only in special shops called ALKO.
Low-alcohol content drinks such as beer, cider, etc. are sold in stores, supermarkets, gas stations and kiosks. There are three ALKO stores in Joensuu:

Centre of JoensuuRantakatu 19 (near SOKOS department store)
Prisma shopping centre, Voimatie 2
Pilkko shopping centre, Linjatie 2

The age-limits for buying alcohol: 18 years for mild alcohol (< 22 %) and  20 years for strong alcohol (> 22 %)