Welcoming Guide

Useful Information

Time zone

The Finnish time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. There is only one time zone covering the whole country. 
Summertime/Daylight savings time (kesäaika) is used from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October.
In autum 2018, the clocks will be set back one hour on Sunday, 28 October at 4 a.m.
In spring 2019, the clocks will be set ahead one hour on Sunday, 31 March at 3 a.m. 

The electrical current in Finland is 220V (230V), 50Hz. Plugs are the two-pin continental size.

In Finland the unit of measurement is the metric system.
Metric Conversion Chart

A service charge is automatically included in hotel and restaurant bills.

Smoking is prohibited in public facilities (schools, trains, hospitals, busses, restaurants, pubs etc.).
Cigarettes are sold only persons over 18 years of age.

Public holidays

The following public holidays are celebrated annually in Finland. Please note that the dates of some holidays vary from year to year. On these holidays, shops and banks are usually closed and even on the eve of a public holiday, Saturday opening hours are usually followed.

Week 42 is usually holiday week and then it is not contact lessons -> check your tutor teacher or international coordinator


3 November 2018
  All Saints’ Day (Pyhäinpäivä)
6 December 2018   Independence Day (Itsenäisyyspäivä)
24 December 2018
  Christmas Eve (Jouluaatto)
25 December 2018
  Christmas Day (Joulu)
26 December 2018
  2nd Day of Christmas, Boxing Day (Tapaninpäivä)
1 January 2019       New Year´s Day (Uudenvuodenpäivä)
6 January 2019   Epiphany (Loppiainen)
Week 10    Winter holiday; check your tutor teacher or international coordinator
19 April - 22 April 2019
  Easter (Pääsiäinen)
1 May 2019
  May Day (Vappu)
30 May 2019
  Ascension Day (Helatorstai)
9 June 2019
  Whit Sunday (Helluntai)
21 June 2019
  Midsummer Eve (Juhannusaatto)
22 June 2019
  Midsummer (Juhannus)