Four months, Three weeks and Two days

Every semester, Karelia welcomes more than 50 exchange students from our universitiy partners in Europe, Asia, Russia, South America and Cananda studying in different fields. Though it is just a short journey in a little city in North Karelia, exchange students have experienced full of activities, met new friends and explored Finnish lifestyle. Here is the story of Selina Sator, an Mechanical Engineering student at Hof University of Applied Sciences in Germany, who studied as exchange student in Autumn Semester 2017.

Four months, Three weeks and Two days

When I arrived at the little airport in Joensuu in August 2017, I never thought that the next time will be the best time of my live. My name is Selina, I’m 20 years old and from Germany. I’m studying Mechanical International at University of Applied Sciences Hof. I loved to study in this small town. Joensuu is in comparison bigger than Hof but with less population density. And even if there is a lot of nature in Hof as well… I’ve never seen so many lakes, rivers and forests in a city.

Besides enjoying the beautiful nature I had so nice days with my flatmates. I never lived in a shared flat before and worried a bit how it will be – for no reason. I had much fun while studying at Karelia University of Applied Sciences with lots of Finnish people. Especially through the group work I got to know awesome Finns. My courses were pretty different from Germany. It reminds me a bit of secondary high school (Realschule).

I gained so many new friends – from all over the world – and hope to see them all again.
Not only people, also my bike was my „friend“ during this time. I used it every day and it was very convenient for transportation.

My trips to Helsinki, Tallinn, Koli national park, Imatra, Ruka and Rovaniemi (Lapland) were an incredibly amazing experience which I don’t want to miss.

Now I’m back in Germany and I miss all the people, Joensuu and Finland, but it’s also nice to see family and friends at home again. I’m sure I will never forget this great four months, three weeks and two days with lots of partys, sauna, ice swimming, activities, travels, fun, friends, nature, BBQs, cycling, hiking, boats, lakes, reindeers, and rivers.

Welcoming event in August- our very first get- together

                                                                                  ~Selina Sator~

Quynh Phan

International Business Promotion Team

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Who are we? 

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I am Quynh Anh or just call me Queen. I am from Vietnam and now I am second year student in International Business program. I decided to become a member of International Promotion team because I love communicating virtually with others. I have joined some other international activities as an International Tutor and Erasmus Social Network Event Manager.I commit to promoting Karelia USA to international students, especially to the Vietnamese. I love cooking and travelling in my free time.

Hei! My name is Nguyen Linh Chi, a student from Vietnam and learning International Business in Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu, Finland.

I came to Finland when I was 18 years old and that was one of the most important decision in my life. Why I say that? First, I want to talk about myself because it is the main reason why studying abroad turns the page of my life. I am an introvert person who treasure family value, like to stay at home, hang out with only close friends and really hate changing the environment. However, when I needed to decide which university to study, my mother encouraged me a lot to apply to Finland because her dream was to see her child discover the world. My first year was so amazing and everything was over my expectation. I had new friends, joined many parties, participated in some music events, etc. I love playing the piano, singing, cooking, hanging out with friends and I can do all of them when I am here, in Joensuu.

I have more time to do what I love, with people who share common hobbies, I can cook whatever I want for myself and my beloved friends. I also have a chance to discover Joensuu and even other European countries and finally find out new hobby: travelling. This second year, I become a part of promotion team of Karelia UAS because I want to share all my experience I gain to new students, especially to people from my home country and I want my own story can be an encouragement to them. My goal is to make more and more people aware of Karelia UAS, of Joensuu, and Finland in general.

Hi, my name is Ha Minh Thuy. I’m second year student studying International Business at Karelia University of Applied Sciences. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Vietnam. My hobbies include reading books and listening to music in my free time. I also like cooking and baking as well. I choose Karelia because of the energetic environment, peaceful atmosphere and awesome people. That’s why I want to join the promotion team to spread the words about my major and share my experience studying at Karelia as an international student.