Exchange students in Voimala

There are usually from 5 to 10 exchange students in Voimala during a semester. Our first two exchange students were Yolanda and Noelia from Spain. These nurse students did their clinical practice in Voimala for two weeks. Here we have their thoughts after those weeks.

My experience in Voimala has been great, I have met a variety of things and I have discovered that nursing is not only about taking care of sick people, you can also take care of children and control if they have any kind of motor or mental disability and promote a healthy life.

I have tried to help other students creating situations that they could resolve so they could learn real life procedures. It was funny because I thought situations that I had lived.

Another thing that I have found interesting is how the system takes care of old people, because in Spain it works very differently. For example when a family member can’t take care of him/herself, his family does everything for him/her because residences are very expensive.

In Voimala I have learnt how important communication is since you are a child until you get older.

To sum up, I think that it’s a good idea because professionals should know how to perform in these cases so that the population can improve their personal growth.

Nurse student Yolanda

Caregiver's Day in Metropol.

Caregiver’s Day in Metropol.

In this two weeks in Voimala, I have learned a lot of things about the social care. Firstly we tried to show a little bit heart diseases in Spain. This information was shown to old people. I think that it is very useful for this kind of people because they can learn about different countries and also they learn about heart diseases and prevention of it. We done five or six easy exercises to the articular movement. So we contributed to have a good time with them.

On the other hand, we have been two days in Perhentalo. We were look after children for two hours. In this activity we could see motor and cognitive activities. Also we could learn about their behaviour with different babies.

The Caregiver Day was interesting too. We show the people how we approach this topic in Spain.

In conclusion, in these two weeks we have learnt a lot of things about Finnish culture and Health system in this country.

Nurse student Noelia


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