Kaatumisklinikka – ”falling down clinic”

My name is Iris and I’m doing my second practical training as a physiotherapy student in Voimala. I was a part of our new project: named Kaatumisklinikka. Our purpose was to develop a product for older people. We wanted to tell them facts about preventing falls. So, we went to the shopping mall Iso Myy one day, and we presented our product.

Our team consisted of three physiotherapy students, three nursing students and one public health nurse. We introduced some things how to prevent falling down for people who came to our clinic at Iso Myy. Most of our clients were seniors as we expected. We told them about nutrition: What you are supposed to eat to ensure the well-being of your bones and muscles. Foods, which contain enough protein, d-vitamins and calcium, make your body stronger. Then falling down doesn’t necessarily mean that your bones break. Also your reactions will be faster, so then you may even avoid falling down altogether. We also gave some exercise guides for those who wanted them. Those exercises are for developing balance, which also have a big role of preventing falling down. In addition to this, we had a raffle, and people had an opportunity to win studded anti-skid bottoms for shoes.

It was nice telling people about the dangers of falling and how to prevent it, but we really had to work for audience that day. People were shy to come to speak with us, so we had to attract people to our clinic. Our clients were interested about raffle and they wanted to measure their blood pressure and compressive force. Especially men were interested in competing with each other!

Physiotherapy student Iris


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