Juttuklubi Joensuu

Juttuklubi Joensuu is for all immigrants who want to:

  • Meet Finnish employers
  • Create networks
  • Discuss about themes related to working life in Finnish and in English

There is a work-related theme every time in Juttuklubi. We invite experts to discuss the theme of the day. You will get the possi­bility to ask questions and discuss with specialists of different fields. In addition, you get to talk to other atten­dants and create networks.

We serve coffee and tea in Juttuklubi Joensuu. You do not have to register. You can attend every time or choose the themes that interest you.

The events are organized by Karelia UAS, Luotsi Joensuu, SIMHEKarelia and Inter­na­tional House Joensuu.

Juttuklubi Joensuu is organized in Luotsi. The address is Kauppakatu 29 (shopping centre Centrum, 1. floor).


Job interview – tips and practise

  • How to prepare for a job interview?
  • What are typical questions in a job interview? How should you answer? Are there forbidden questions?
  • You also get to practise a job interview situation

Time: Wednesday January 25, 2023 at 17-19
Place: Luotsi, Kauppakatu 29, 80100 Joensuu

Entre­pre­neurship in Finland

  • Infor­mation about entre­pre­neurship in Finland
  • How to start a business?
  • Where to get support, if you want to start a business?
  • You will also hear an immigrant entrepreneur’s own story

Time: Wednesday February 22, 2023 at 17-19
Place: Luotsi, Kauppakatu 29, 80100 Joensuu

Guest speaker: Satu Niiranen, Business Coach / Business Joensuu and an immigrant entre­preneur Sylvia Springer

Rights and respon­si­bilies of an employee and an employer

  • What are the rights and respon­si­bilites of an employer in Finland? What about the rights and respon­si­bilites of an employee?
  • What do you need to know about a job contract?
  • What are trade unions and why to be a member?

Time: Wednesday March 29, 2023 at 17-19
Place: Luotsi, Kauppakatu 29, 80100 Joensuu
Guest speaker: Auli Kauppinen, Sales Manager, RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu

Regoc­nising your compe­tencies and telling about it 

  • How to recognise your skills and competencies
  • How to tell about your competencies
  • An elevator pitch – what is it and how to make one?

Time: Wednesday April 26, 2023 at 17-19
Place: Luotsi, Kauppakatu 29, 80100 Joensuu
Guest speaker: ilmoitetaan myöhemmin

More infor­mation:

Taru Väisänen
Project Specialist
[email protected]
+358 50 413 8260

Juttuklubi Joensuu has been inspired by the Juttuklubi Jyväskylä brand. Juttuklubi Jyväskylä is organized by Jyväskylä Employment Services, Expertise Centre for Immigrants, Business Jyväskylä, Inter­na­tional Jyväskylä InfoCenter and Central Finland Chamber of Commerce.

On the video partic­i­pants tell about their experi­ences of Juttuklubi Joensuu.