Focus Areas and Themes

RDI Focus Areas and Themes

The areas of focus are modern welfare services and sustainable energy and materials. They are selected with the goal of obtaining nationally and inter­na­tionally recog­nised expertise and compe­tence. The selected areas are based on regional, national and inter­na­tional devel­opment challenges. We search for solutions to these challenges by meeting the needs of working life through education, multi­dis­ci­plinary RDI activ­ities and actively operating in compe­tence and devel­opment networks.

Modern Welfare Services

This area of focus concen­trates on renewing welfare services, devel­oping multi­dis­ci­plinary solutions for welfare supporting products, services and techno­logical solutions as well as their export to inter­na­tional markets. The expertise of Karelia UAS is linked especially with age compe­tence, palliative care and strenght­ening rehabil­i­tation know-how, social and health care service structure renewal, and electronic services as well as welfare and countryside tourism. In the learning and service environment Voimala at Karelia UAS the students, experts of the focus area and working life partners operate together on devel­opment tasks encoun­tered at work. The university of applied sciences actively takes part in building Siun sote – Municipal Social and Health Care Action Model.

Sustainable Energy and Materials

This focus area concen­trates on renewable natural resources and bio-economy based sustainable energy solutions and the devel­opment of products and services connected to them as well as increasing wood construction and the use of wood based materials. In addition, the area of focus developes energy efficiency and nature conserving nnova­tions that are utilised because of Karelia UAS’s strong compe­tence in nature fiber composites and precision production. The activ­ities of this area of focus is supported by the learning and service environment Dynamo, which covers Energy Park as well as the labora­tories of precision technology and wood construction.

Digital­i­sation, Inter­na­tion­ality and Entrepreneurship

The traverse themes of our strategy are digital­i­sation, inter­na­tion­ality and entre­pre­neurship. These are the central targets of devel­opment and will be promoted in all activities.

Contact Person / Digitalisation:
Ms Marjo Nenonen
Head of Student and Academic Affairs
Tel. 050 362 7074

Contact Person / Internationality:
Ms Liisa Timonen
Head of Inter­na­tional Affairs
Tel. 050 591 3397