What and how to study


At Karelia Open UAS, anyone can take professional higher education studies – irrespective of age and educational background. The studies comply with Karelia UAS degree regulations in contents and level.

Individual Courses and Study Units

You can complete individual courses or study units according to your own interest.

The array of studies at Open UAS is compiled twice a year. The spring term syllabus is published in December and the autumn term syllabus in June. Most of the course options are only available in Finnish, but some can also be completed in English. There are courses held in daytime, in the evenings and on weekends. Most of the courses are carried out completely online. To see the list of current courses, please click here.

Study Path Programme 

Study Path Programme may be your way to degree studies:

  • You will complete the study units in your study plan together with the students in degree-awarding education.
  • You will enrol as present for one academic year at a time.
  • You will make a study plan with your student counsellor.
  • After completing the minimum of 55 credits of study units suitable for studies in a certain degree programme, you are able to apply for that specific degree programme in Karelia UAS.
  • By starting in the study path programme and continuing in degree studies, you can graduate at the same time with your fellow students who have studied in degree–awarding education from the beginning.

Things to consider when planning your study path:

  • Many study paths require the possibility to study in daytime on weekdays.
  • As a study path programme student you are not eligible for the state-granted student financial aid or student discounts unless other studies entitle you to them.
  • If you are a customer of TE Services (employment office), please note that studying in the study path programme is usually considered full-time.
  • Study path programmes only have a few places available and they are filled in the order of enrolment, so act fast!

Study Path Programme in International Business (in English)

  • The next Study Path Programme in International Business will begin in autumn 2020.
  • Registration for Study Path Programme in International Business in Autumn 2020 starts 10th August at 9.00 a.m. here
  • For more information, please contact Student Counsellor Ms Riikka Kaasinen, riikka.kaasinen(at)karelia.fi.

Studies according to your Individual Study Plan (ISP) in Degree Programme in International Business

If you cannot find suitable study units among our current array of courses, you have the possibility to tailor your own study path and take other Karelia UAS courses as well:

  • You will make an Individual Study Plan (ISP) with your student counsellor.
  • You will study with a group / groups of students in degree-awarding education in accordance with your ISP.
  • Completed Open UAS studies can compensate parts of a UAS degree if you later apply to and become accepted into a degree programme.
  • For more information, please contact Student Counsellor Ms Riikka Kaasinen, riikka.kaasinen(at)karelia.fi. for more information in English