112 Theme Day on 11th February 2020


The nursing students and staff of Karelia University of Applied Sciences organises a 112 Theme Day on 11th February 2020 at 9.00-14.30 on Tikkarinne campus. The theme of the event is everyday safety.

  • North Karelia Emergency Services: an ambulance near building E at 9.00-14.30; Hanna Pulkkinen and the students introduce the ambulance and emergency care services
  • Three places where you can learn to use a defibrillator at 9.00-14.30 in the lobby/hall of building E; organised by student group STHSN18A

The following authorities present their activities at 11.00-13.00:

  • Rescue Services
  • The Police / Ankkuri Group; Antti Lehikoinen and Jukka Myller
  • Social Emergency Services; Lauri Saarelainen