New library system & new Karelia Finna were taken in use in December 2019 / January 2020


Please note that this page is not updated (after 3.3.2020). See the latest instructions how to link Finna and library account here.

13.1.2020 (updated 21.1.2020)

If there is a problem with Finna

If you see a notice that library system is not available after you have logged in Karelia Finna, OR you see your loans on Karelia Finna but you can not renew them; your loan situation is not updated; or you can not make requests, please do this:

1. Login to Karelia Finna with Haka login.
2. Go to My account > Profile > Delete my account. Click it and you will be automatically logged out from Karelia Finna.
3. Login again to Karelia Finna > click Library cards (if your browser is not going there automatically).
4. Feed your email address to Email field (the email must be the same that is in library’s customer register).
5. In your email, you will receive a link > click it and library’s information will connect to Finna. Notice, that you have to click the link on the same browser and device where Finna is open. (Not like Finna is open on laptop and email is open on mobile phone.)
6. Now your information should be correct on Finna.
7. If it is not, please try another device or browser.

New student: Before you will be able to make requests etc., you will have to have a library card. You can apply library card here: (Your application will be processed within 1-2 workdays.)



New Karelia Finna is open!

The library system has changed and updated Karelia Finna has been opened for library customers today. We returned all the loans which have been returned to our library during the system change with the return date 3.12.2019.

Login to Karelia Finna and adding your library card to your account

Karelia UAS student/staff: 

If you have added the library card to your account earlier, do the adding again now. If you do not do that, you can only see your account's situation before the library system change.

→ Login with Haka
→ Delete the earlier library/student card information (if there is one)
→ Click Connect library card or student card with barcode
→ Use your email which is in library customer register. If you are not able to do the adding, please contact the library.

Other customer: 
To access your library account log in by using your email which is in library customer register. If you are not able to access your account, please contact the library.

New on Karelia Finna:

You can now pay your overdue fees online.

If you have any questions about your fees, please contact Library BEFORE you pay! We will answer your questions in customer service hours on chat (on Karelia Finna), by email (library [a] or in our customer service at Tikkarinne campus. Please check our customer service hours: Opening hours and contact information.



New Karelia Finna is not in use yet - we will inform you when it is in use

There has occurred unexpected problems in new Karelia Finna implementation. The Finna office of the National Library of Finland is working on it at the moment. So you are not able to add your library card to your account etc. We will inform you when Karelia Finna is working like it is supposed to. 


Updated Karelia Finna opens at the beginning of January 2020

Karelia UAS students' and staff's login to Karelia Finna happens with Haka login as usual. With other library clients, login will be email-based.

Due to the library system change, you will have add your library card or student card barcode again to your Karelia Finna account. You will be able to do this in January 2020. To add your library card to your account, use your email which is in library customer register. If you are not able to do the adding, please contact library: library (a)


We are the first library with Alma library system in Finland, because the implementation of the new library system has been done successfully today. 

From now till New Year, library staff is getting to know the new functions and how to operate with them.

The updated Karelia Finna will be launched at the beginning of the year 2020. We will inform our library customers after we have sure that it is ready for use.


Karelia Finna will remain but some changes will come along with library system change

Login Karelia Finna

Karelia UAS students and staff will still login to Karelia Finna with their Karelia UAS username and password (Haka login) in the future.

Login changes with other library users: In the future, other library users’ login to Karelia Finna is changing to email-based login (no more with library card). When login with email, Finna sends a login link to patron’s email address. A password is not needed. To be able to login to Karelia Finna, library users need to have an effective email address in our library system. Please inform us about the changes of personal information with this form:


Moving to email receipts

In the future, library will send the receipts of borrowed books, payments, requests and other messages by email. You will get a paper due date receipt when borrowing books with our lending machines. You will receive the messages of requests ready to pick up sooner than before.


Electronic databases, journals etc. are at your use

EBooks, databases and other electronic collections should be working during the library system change. Some short breaks might nevertheless appear.


If you have saved your favourites to Karelia Finna, please save them 3 December 2019 at the latest

These lists will not remain / be transferred in Karelia Finna when the new Alma library system starts.


How to transfer your Favourites from Karelia Finna:

Transferring lists to your email:

  1. Login to Karelia Finna
  2. Click Favourites
  3. Check Select page (or with mobile devices With selected)
  4. Click Email
  5. Write your own email address to the To: field
  6. Click Send

Please notice: The links of your Favourites are not working after library system change. So when you need to find those books / materials from Karelia Finna, please search for example with the book's title.

With Saved searches:

You can save your Saved searches lists by

  1. copying those to text files (e.g. Word) or
  2. taking Print screen photos of the search result lists


Karelia UAS Library’s customer service (+ loan, return and payment service) is closed 3.12.2019 (starting at 4 p.m.) - 6.1.2020 due to a library system change. Therefore, you are not able to borrow, renew or return library materials during that time. 

Self-Service Library is open 4.-20.12.2019 Mon-Fri from 7-20, so you can use the Library's facilities and equipment.
But you can not borrow books because the library system is closed. The entire library is closed 21.12.2019 - 6.1.2020.

You will get long due dates (until 9.1.2020) for your loans, if you borrow/renew your loans from those days below:
> with 28 day loans (general collection): Wednesday 6.11.2019
> with 14 day loans (course books and magazines): Wednesday 20.11.2019

Please, do these things before 4 p.m., 3.12.2019: 

- Try to anticipate your book needs. Borrow, renew or return your loans. Be sure to pick up your booking as well.

- If you have signed up to be a library customer but have not picked up the library card or told the Poka card bar code to the library, do so as soon asa possible. Note. If your customer information is incomplete, the information will not be transferred to the new library system and you will need to re-enroll.

- If you have any payments to the library, please pay them before customer service's closing. You can not pay fees online. You can also pay by credit card at the library.


You can contact Library’s customer service:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chat: At the bottom of Karelia Finna page
Phone / SMS / WhatsApp: 0503119545
Check customer service hours here:


There will be changes in customer service hours because of staff training for the new library system as follows:

28.10. - 14.11.2019 Customer service open Mon 11 - 17, Tue - Fri 11 - 15.


Karelia UAS Library's library system changes in December 2019. In this page, we will inform you what is going to happen with the new Alma Library system and how this change affects you.

If there is something you want to ask from library about this library system change, please contact: library [a]