The Degree Programme in Media moves to Tikkarinne Campus


The degree programme in media at Karelia University of Applies Sciences moves from Science Park to Tikkarinne campus in Niinivaara in August. New and old students start their studies at Tikkarinne at the end of August/beginning of September.

This move is a long-awaited one. We warmly welcome the students and staff members to Tikkarinne to join the campus community. We can finally say that we are a two-campus Karelia, President Petri Raivo states with content.

In the spring of 2019, a renovation started at Tikkarinne aiming at reforming some facilities to meet the special needs of the degree programme in media.

For example, there will be facilities for editing, campus radio and team work in the first floor of the C building. Furthermore, the work on filming and recording studios is almost finished in the E building. The renovation and the move are already on the final stretch, says   renovation coordinator, facilities engineer Hannu Tolvanen.  From autumn 2019 on, there will be about 1500 students of media, social servies and health care on Tikkarinne campus. In addition, the campus houses important services for students: Student services, library, student health care and reasearch and international services. The administration of Karelia University of Applied Sciences is also located at Tikkarinne.