Kari Törrönen is the alumnus of the year 2019 at Karelia UAS


Kari Törrönen, a year 2007 graduate from Karelia UAS Degree Programme in Nursing, has been selected as the alumnus of the year 2019. Törrönen, who works as the Paramedic Supervisor at North Karelia Rescue Services, has been actively cooperating with Karelia UAS after his graduation.

  • Diverse cooperation between Karelia University of Applied Sciences and the Emergency Services of North Karelia Rescue Services has been active throughout these years. In addition to his own competence, Kari Törrönen has also developed emergency care services in North Karelia region. He has an extensive network of regional and national collaborations and he positively highlights Karelia UAS, states Lecturer Jaana Pantsari.

Kari Törrönen has strongly emphasised respect for other people and the importance of collegial expertise in the development of nursing and emergency care services. Törrönen was selected as the Paramedic of the Year in Finland in 2018 and he also received an award from the Finnish Nurses Association for the development of end-of-life care and home care services.

  • Kari is currently studying for a Master’s degree at Karelia UAS. He has always time to talk with people and he is interested in listening to others. He is an amazing character and we are glad he has been selected as the Alumnus of the Year, says Lecturers Minna Turunen and Kirsi Sallinen.

Törrönen, who has had a long career at North Karelia Rescue Services, has always been curious to learn new things and his motivation for studying has not been receiving a certificate or more salary.

  • This attitude can certainly be seen as encouragement towards my colleagues, work community and other students. I want to strengthen the team spirit with my own example using both words and deeds. In my opinion, human dignity cannot be questioned: every customer, subordinate and supervisor is, above all, a human being. My motto is “together”.

The alumnus of the year was now selected for the third time at Karelia UAS. The word alumnus (plural alumni) refers to all students graduated from Karelia UAS and the previous North Karelia University of Applied Sciences/North Karelia Polytechnic as well as our international exchange students. The aim of alumni activities is to promote the connection between Karelia UAS and working life and to support the emergence of cooperation between students and local businesses. Karelia UAS alumni can, for example, work as expert lecturers in study units, invite student groups for study excursions at their workplaces, provide students with internships, projects and thesis topics, and act as mentors preparing students for working life.