Karelia University of Applied Sciences rewarded students and staff members at the opening of the academic year


Karelia University of Applied Sciences has rewarded the employee of the year, work partners and work team of the year, as well as student and student group of the year. The honor diplomas and gift tokens were given to the rewarded at Tikkarinne campus today at the opening ceremony of the academic year 2019-2020.

The Student of the Year reward was given to Kalle Penttilä who is a second-year building services engineering student. As the reason it is stated that Kalle Penttilä is a person who cheers everyone’s day and makes the whole class smile. He is committed to his studies and helps his classmates.

The Student Group of the Year is the international tutor team. This is an enthusiastic, supportive and debating group whose members have various skills and good ideas. The group’s action has been well planned and co-operation has been smooth. With the help of the international tutors, exchange students have experienced memorable things during their stay at Karelia and in Joensuu.

The Employee of the Year reward was given to lecturer Ulla Kärnä. As the reason it is stated that Ulla Kärnä is a professional of marketing, and she is also the instructor for dozens of students working on their theses. Ulla works readily with students and she is genuinely interested in the success of companies in Joensuu. On her courses, she strives to do student co-operation as much as possible with small entrepreneurs in the region.

The Work Team of the Year reward was given to the Lean team of Karelia UAS. The members of the team are Heli Makkonen (Lecturer), Jarno Mertanen (Lecturer), Harri Mikkonen (Head of Business Services), Anne Prepula (Coordinator of Business Services), Jyri Roihuvuo (Lecturer) and Jari Uimonen (Lecturer). Owing to the Lean team, Karelia University of Applied Sciences has now very strong know-how of Lean. The significance of Lean has grown in teaching and in developing the operation of Karelia, also in RDI and especially in business services.

Work Partners of the Year reward was given to project manager Mikko Matveinen and instructor Timo Pakarinen.