Higher Education Preparatory Training for Immigrants is available to be completed online


Karelia University of Applied Sciences is launching a higher education preparatory training for immigrants to be completed online. The purpose of the training is to develop immigrants’ knowledge and skills when preparing for studies at universities or universities of applied sciences. The training focuses on Finnish language studies and either field-specific or general preparatory studies for higher education. The training also includes studies in mathematics and English. The national training is carried out in cooperation with several Finnish universities of applied sciences as part of the project Valmentava valmius that focuses on developing preparatory training. In addition to Karelia UAS, eight other universities of applied sciences from different parts of Finland are involved in organising the training.

In the training, the student can develop the skills needed when studying at a higher education institution and learn about the field of study that is of interest to him/her. In addition, the training is implemented online, which makes it possible to complete the studies anywhere, states Project Manager Paavo Raappana.

The field of study emphasised in the training is selected based on the student’s personal interest. The alternative fields of study include business economics, social services and health care, engineering, or a multidisciplinary study path. The preparatory training does not give the student a direct access to degree studies, but students interested in applying for degree studies need to apply according to standard application procedures. The application period for the preparatory training is 5th – 21st December 2018. The entrance examination is on 4th February 2019 and the six-month training will begin in April 2019.

More information on the training and on the application procedure in Finnish: