Karelia University of Applied Sciences awarded the best theses of year 2018


Karelia University of Applied Sciences has awarded the best theses conducted in 2018.

The best Bachelor’s thesis was conducted by Bachelors of Health Care (Physiotherapy), Ms Sari Hotokka and Ms Aino Miettinen, from the Degree Programme in Physiotherapy. The title of the thesis is Balance Assessment and Balance Exercise for Stroke Patients Using Kistler Force Plates and Kistler MARS Software – An Educational Video.

Sari Hotokka and Aino Miettinen have studied one specific area of physiotherapy consistently and profoundly. The resulting educational video provides opportunities for the use and deployment of Kistler force plates and the Kistler MARS software in the degree education and in the Fysiotikka learning environment. Careful documentation of the thesis process and reflection on the deployment add value to the thesis. As a whole, the functional thesis of Hotokka and Miettinen successfully reflects the theoretical background as a knowledge base for the practical part and the use of sources is versatile. The authors have certainly developed their expertise in balance assessment and exercise for stroke patients during the thesis process.

The best Master’s thesis was conducted by Master of Business Administration, Mr Tomi Turunen, from the Degree Programme in Business Management and Leadership. The title of the thesis is Customer Experience Development – Case PKS Electricity Sales. The thesis was commissioned by Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö Oy.

The topic of Turunen’s thesis is current: the energy sector is facing major changes as consumers are increasingly interested in the variety of energy sources. In his thesis, Turunen deals with the key issue of the field: how to take the increasing role of customers into account as part of the future energy system and how to involve customers in the development of both customer experience and company offering? The thesis focuses especially on the electronic services of the commissioning company. The development work in the thesis was based on versatile theoretical knowledge on customer experience and the field itself gathered by the author and successfully applied into practice. The several methods of information acquisition in the work community was particularly successful in this thesis, which made it possible for Turusen’s development proposals to be put into practice.

The aim of the annual thesis competition is to present innovative theses that benefit their own field of profession both now and in the near future. The awarded theses were selected by a jury including Principal Lecturer Lasse Okkonen and lecturers Tiina Parviainen and Jyri Roihuvuo, The jury was chaired by Principal Lecturer Tarja Kupiainen.

Further information: Principal Lecturer Tarja Kupiainen, tel. +358 50 520 9749