Professional Continuing Studies

Professional Continuing Studies

Karelia UAS offers professional continuing studies in the fields of Nursing, Management and Leadership, Social Welfare and Physiotherapy. The extents of the individual study units vary between one and 15 ECTS credits. (ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System; one ECTS credit equals 27 hours of student’s work.) In addition to contact teaching the studies may contain distant and online teaching.

We will be happy to tailor study unit packages according to your own needs:

Nursing studies

  • Palliative Care (15 cr)
  • Acute Nursing (30 cr)
  • Diabetes Nursing and Rehabilitation (30 cr)
  • Patient’s Examination and Emergency Care (15 cr)
  • Specific Skills for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Work (15 cr)
  • Client-Centred Gerontological Nursing (3,5 cr)
  • Dipra Councelling for Practise (15 cr)
  • Social Services and Health Care in Finland (3 cr)
  • Simulation Training

Management and leadership studies

  • Competence Management (30 cr)
  • Leadership and Development in Social Services and Health Care (5 cr)
  • Competence in Ageing and Management (5 cr)
  • International Activities in Social Services and Health Care (5 cr)
  • e‑Services in Social Welfare and Health Care (15 cr)
  • Future Perspectives on Local Social and Health Care Services (1 cr)
  • Implementation of Knowledge Management (5 cr)
  • Employee’s Motivation (1 cr)
  • Simulation Training

Social welfare studies

  • Civil Society and Participation (2 cr)
  • Empowering Children in Child Welfare Work (5 cr)

Physiotherapy studies

  • Multidiciplinary Rehabilitation (15 cr)
  • Neurological Physiotherapy (3 cr)
  • Taping (2 cr)
  • Ergonomics and Usability (3 cr)
  • Accessibility and Assistive Technology (3 cr)
  • Simulation Training

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