Bachelor's Degrees


Universities of Applied Sciences are institutions that, together with universities, offer higher education. UAS graduates are professionally oriented experts in their own fields. Studies are based on the newest theoretical knowledge and, simultaneously, they are strongly orientated towards working life. The acquired skills are applicable already during the studies in projects carried out in working life, various assignments, thesis and the compulsory practical training.Karelia UAS offers Degree Programme in International Business conducted in English. Many courses in the Finnish degree programmes are also conducted in English.

Choose your own field

A university of applied sciences degree is a smart investment for the future. Choose your own from among these fields of study:

Social Sciences, Business and Administration

  • Business Economics - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • International Business - Bachelor of Business Administration (in English)


  • Media – Bachelor of Culture and Arts
  • Music – Bachelor of Culture and Arts (last intake 2015)

Natural Sciences

  • Business Information Technology – Bachelor of Business Administration

Natural Resources and the Environment

  • Forestry – Bachelor of Engineering, Forestry, Bachelor of Natural Resources

Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services

  • Tourism – Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Social Services, Health and Sport

  • Physiotherapy – Physiotherapist, Bachelor of Health Care
  • Nursing – Bachelor of Health Care
  • Public Health Nursing – Bachelor of Health Care
  • Social Services – Bachelor of Social Services

Technology, Communication and Transport

  • Building Services Engineering – Bachelor of Engineering
  • Construction Engineering – Bachelor of Engineering
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering – Bachelor of Engineering
  • Information and Communications Technology – Bachelor of Engineering (last intake 2015)
  • Mechanical Engineering – Bachelor of Engineering

The structure and duration of studies

A UAS degree consists of common core studies, complementary studies, practical training and a thesis. It takes 3.5—4.5 years to take a degree and its scope is degree-specific: 210 ECTS credits (3.5 years), 240 ECTS credits (4 years). A student’s work load is approximately 60 ECTS credits per year.