Inter­na­tional Business

Degree: Bachelor of Business Admin­is­tration (BBA), Tradenomi (AMK)
Extent and duration: 210 credits ECTS | 3,5 years
Location: Wärtsilä Campus, Karjalankatu 3, 80200 Joensuu, Finland
Study places in Joint Appli­cation: 45 (Online exami­nation 9, entrance exami­nation in Finland 13, entrance exami­nation via FINNIPS 7, SAT test 2, certificate-based selection 14: Finnish Matric­u­lation Exami­nation and Inter­na­tional Baccalau­reate Degrees 9, Finnish Vocational Upper Secondary Quali­fi­cation 5)
Study places in Additional Appli­cation: to be announced in August
Language of tuition: English

Additional appli­cation period 2 – 6 August 2021: Student admission criteria

Appli­cation period: 7 – 20 January 2021: Student admission criteria


The Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business enables you to develop expertise required in global business. The main focus of the studies is on inter­na­tional marketing as a part of successful business.  Throughout your studies, you will be working in cross-cultural teams and devel­oping profes­sional business expertise. Thanks to our committed inter­na­tional university partners, you can study and do intern­ships outside Finland.

Studying in a multi­cul­tural environment in close cooper­ation with companies develops your commu­ni­cation and inter­action skills.  Multi­lin­gualism gives you an invaluable compet­itive edge in your career. For example, the Finnish language courses are available throughout your studies and help you adapt to Finland.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Business Admin­is­tration (BBA) degree are equipped with the skills to work in inter­na­tional business in the global labour market. You can use your compe­tence to create an inter­esting career in companies or to establish your own business.

After gradu­ation, you can work in assistant and expert positions in export business, marketing or sales. Additionally, you are able to develop such abilities and skills that enable you to carry out management and leadership duties.

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