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You can apply to us by fil­ling in an applica­tion onli­ne at The­re are applica­tion periods to Kare­lia UAS seve­ral times in a year. The joint applica­tion to degree pro­gram­mes con­duc­ted in English in uni­ver­si­ties in Fin­land is orga­nized in Janua­ry. Kare­lia UAS also orga­nizes sepa­ra­te applica­tions frequent­ly. You find the applica­tion dead­li­nes and all neces­sa­ry infor­ma­tion concer­ning applica­tions on this page.

Joint Applica­tion to Hig­her Educa­tion on 7 — 20 Janua­ry 2021

Kare­lia UAS offers two Degree Pro­gram­mes in English in 2021:
Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness — Degree obtai­ned: Bac­he­lor of Busi­ness Admi­ni­stra­tion (BBA), Tra­de­no­mi (AMK)
Industrial Mana­ge­ment — Degree obtai­ned: Bac­he­lor of Engi­nee­ring (Industrial Mana­ge­ment), Insi­nöö­ri (AMK)

Admis­sion process of joint admis­sion — spring 2021

 Time­table for joint admis­sion

  • Sub­mit the applica­tion during the applica­tion period, by 20 Janua­ry 2021 at 3 p.m. Fin­nish time. You can choo­se 6 stu­dy pro­gram­mes to your applica­tion form. The­re is no order of pre­fe­rence in the applica­tion form.
  • Upload the copies of gra­dua­tion cer­ti­fica­tes and official trans­la­tions in Finnish/English/Swedish to your applica­tion form by 27 Janua­ry 2021 at 3 p.m. Fin­nish time.
  • Cer­ti­fica­te-based stu­dent selec­tion: results in Februa­ry 2021
  • SAT test stu­dent selec­tion: Sat test results to be deli­ve­red by 10 Februa­ry 2021. Results are publis­hed in Februa­ry 2021
  • Ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions in spring 2021:
    • Onli­ne ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions in Februa­ry
      • Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness on 2 Februa­ry 2021
      • Industrial Mana­ge­ment in Februa­ry 2021 (excact date will be infor­med later)
    • Fin­nips ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions in Februa­ry — March (to be speci­fied)
    • Industrial Mana­ge­ment 8 April 2021 in Joen­suu, Fin­land 
    • Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness 9 April 2021 in Joen­suu, Fin­land
  • Results of stu­dent selec­tion will be publis­hed by 4 June 2021
  • Admit­ted stu­dents must accept the stu­dy place by 16 July 2021
  • Stu­dies begin in August/September 2021

 Gene­ral infor­ma­tion about the joint applica­tion to hig­her educa­tion.

Eli­gi­bi­li­ty: who can apply?

You can apply in the joint applica­tion to hig­her educa­tion if you have comple­ted:

  • the Fin­nish gene­ral upper secon­da­ry school syl­la­bus and/or the mat­ricu­la­tion exa­mi­na­tion;
  • an Inter­na­tio­nal Bacca­lau­rea­te (IB) Diplo­ma; a Euro­pean Bacca­lau­rea­te (EB) Diplo­ma; Rei­feprü­fung (RP) Diplo­ma;
  • a Fin­nish voca­tio­nal upper secon­da­ry qua­li­fica­tion with a sco­pe of 120 cre­dit units or 180 cre­dit points, or a com­pa­rable pre­vious Fin­nish voca­tio­nal qua­li­fica­tion with a mini­mum sco­pe of 80 cre­dit units;
  • a Fin­nish post-secon­da­ry or hig­her voca­tio­nal level diplo­ma;
  • a Fin­nish voca­tio­nal upper secon­da­ry qua­li­fica­tion or a furt­her or specia­list voca­tio­nal qua­li­fica­tion as a com­pe­tence-based qua­li­fica­tion, or a com­pa­rable pre­vious qua­li­fica­tion; or
  • foreign qua­li­fica­tion that pro­vi­des eli­gi­bi­li­ty for hig­her educa­tion stu­dies in the count­ry in ques­tion.
  • bac­he­lor’s or mas­ter’s degree. Applicants comple­ting their qua­li­fica­tions during the spring/summer 2021 are also eli­gible (see dead­li­nes here — to be upda­ted in Novem­ber 2020).

Read more about the stu­dent selec­tion process and eli­gi­bi­li­ty cri­te­ria

If you are in a refu­gee or in a refu­gee-like situa­tion and unable to sub­mit docu­men­ta­ry evi­dence of your qua­li­fica­tion, Kare­lia UAS may invi­te you to sit an ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion. You must have an official deci­sion attes­ting to your refu­gee sta­tus (a deci­sion on asy­lum or a resi­dence per­mit gran­ted on the basis of a need for pro­tec­tion). Read more about the requi­red cer­ti­fica­tes (to be upda­ted in Novem­ber 2020).

Tui­tion fees

Am I requi­red to pay tui­tion fees?

At Kare­lia UAS the tui­tion fee for non-EU/EEA stu­dents is 5 500 euros for a stu­dy year. The fee for the degree of Bac­he­lor of Busi­ness Admi­ni­stra­tion comple­ted in 3.5‑years is 19 250 euros and for Bac­he­lor of Engi­nee­ring comple­ted in 4 years 22 000 euros. The­re are some exemp­tions from tui­tion fees, for ins­tance to stu­dents with long-term EU resi­dence per­mit in Fin­land. Read more


Fill in the applica­tion form onli­ne during the applica­tion period at See instruc­tions on applying. Do not use Inter­net Explo­rer brow­ser when fil­ling in the applica­tion form.

Applica­tion to Kare­lia UAS on is free of char­ge. In order to be accep­ted as a stu­dent, you do not neces­sa­ri­ly need to use agents but you can also apply inde­pen­dent­ly by using the onli­ne infor­ma­tion avai­lable on our web­si­tes.

To make up your mind about which degree pro­gram­mes to apply to you can check which degree pro­gram­mes in Fin­nish uni­ver­si­ties of applied sciences accept each other’s exam results.

After sub­mit­ting the applica­tion you will recei­ve a con­fir­ma­tion email from Stu­dyin­fo that the applica­tion form has been recei­ved. In the email you find infor­ma­tion about the requi­red cer­ti­fica­tes. Upload them to the applica­tion form by 27 Janua­ry 2021 at 3 p.m. Fin­nish time. The applicants need not sub­mit evi­dence of lan­gua­ge pro­ficiency. See dead­li­nes for sub­mit­ting cer­ti­fica­tes

Stu­dent selec­tion met­hods in Joint Admis­sion for Hig­her educa­tion, Spring 2020

  1. Onli­ne ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion
  2. Ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion in Fin­land and
  3. FINNIPS onli­ne ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions
  4. SAT test
  5. Cer­ti­fica­te-based selec­tion.

Read more about the ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions. If you need special arran­ge­ments for the ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion, fill in the Applica­tion form for special arran­ge­ments and send it to Kare­lia’s Admis­sions Ser­vices by 27 Janua­ry 2021.

Check your email regu­lar­ly, also the junk mail fol­der!

Onli­ne ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions in Februa­ry

Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness on 2 Februa­ry 2021

Industrial Mana­ge­ment in Februa­ry 2021 (excact date will be infor­med later)

Ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion in Fin­land

Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences’ degree pro­gram­mes par­tici­pa­te in natio­nal ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion co-ope­ra­tion. Ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion dates are:
Degree Pro­gram­me in Industrial Mana­ge­ment on 8 April 2021. See furt­her infor­ma­tion about the con­tent of the ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion.
Degree Pro­gram­me in Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness on 9 April 2021. See furt­her infor­ma­tion about the con­tent of the ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion.

FINNIPS Onli­ne Ent­rance exa­mi­na­tions

Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences is a mem­ber of the FINNIPS network.It arran­ges ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion onli­ne in Februa­ry — March 2021. Furt­her infor­ma­tion will be pro­vi­ded by the end of Novem­ber.

SAT test

Appicants must apply during the applica­tion period at Applicants do not need to par­tici­pa­te in the ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion, stu­dent selec­tion is made by the SAT test results only. Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences’ Desig­na­ted Ins­ti­tu­tio­nal code is 7782 — Use this code when you want your test sco­res to be sent to Kare­lia UAS.

Only the new ver­sion of SAT test (comple­ted after March 2016) is accep­ted. SAT Sub­ject Tests are not accep­ted. An official SAT sco­re report must be orde­red straight from the test orga­ni­ser. Tho­se, who have alrea­dy comple­ted an SAT test, must request a test result from the test orga­ni­ser to be deli­ve­red to uni­ver­si­ties of applied sciences. The results of the SAT test must be deli­ve­red to all tho­se uni­ver­si­ties of applied sciences that use the admis­sion cri­te­ria in ques­tion by 10 Februa­ry 2021. Reports prin­ted or sent by the applicants them­sel­ves are not accep­ted.

Kare­lia UAS uses fol­lowing sec­tions, Evi­dence-Based Rea­ding and Wri­ting and Math, in the stu­dent selec­tion process. An applicant applying with a SAT test result must have comple­ted both sec­tions with a mini­mum sco­re of 500.

  • Evi­dence-Based Rea­ding and Wri­ting mini­mum 500 points
    - Rea­ding Test
    - Wri­ting and Lan­gua­ge Test
  • Math mini­mun 500 points

The lowest accep­ted SAT test result is 1000 points. Applicants are accep­ted in order of best points.

Furt­her infor­ma­tion about SAT test and SAT test dates on Col­le­ge Board’s web­si­te.

Cer­ti­fica­te-based selec­tion

Kare­lia UAS’ uses cer­ti­fica­te-based stu­dent selec­tion with fol­lowing degrees:

1. Fin­nish Mat­ricu­la­tion Exa­mi­na­tion
2. Inter­na­tio­nall Bacca­lau­rea­te Degrees (Inter­na­tio­nal Bacca­lau­rea­te IB, Euro­pean Bacca­lau­rea­te EB, Rei­feprü­fung- (RP) / Deutsche Inter­na­tio­na­le Abi­tur (DIA) degree)
3. Fin­nish Voca­tio­nal Upper Secon­da­ry degree (comple­ted after 1 August 2015)

Detai­led infor­ma­tion about sco­ring models are pre­sen­ted for each degree. If you have comple­ted some other inter­na­tio­nal bacca­lau­rea­te degree than men­tio­ned abo­ve, the stu­dent selec­tion met­hod will be eit­her ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion or SAT test result.

Results, Appeals


The results of the admis­sion are announced by 4 June 2021 at the latest on My and by email from Stu­dyin­fo. You will be offe­red a stu­dy place hig­hest on your order of pre­fe­rence list and to which you have enough points to be accep­ted. Stu­dents on a wai­ting list will be accep­ted as stu­dy places are relea­sed until 2 August 2021. Stu­dy place is relea­sed for example when an accep­ted stu­dent gets accep­ted to a stu­dy pro­gram­me hig­her on his/hers order of pre­fe­rence list or the stu­dent deci­des not to accept the offe­red stu­dy place. Read more 

Plea­se see furt­her infor­ma­tion about the appeals.

Accep­ting the stu­dy place, Regis­te­ra­tion, Sub­mit­ting the educa­tio­nal cer­ti­fica­tes

Accep­ting the stu­dy place

Accept the stu­dy place by 16 July 2021 by 3:00 p.m. Fin­nish time elect­ro­nical­ly at My If you are gran­ted admis­sion from reser­ve list, fol­low the dead­li­nes shown on My ser­vice. You can only accept one stu­dy place per term. See the instruc­tions on how to accept a stu­dy place.

Accep­tance of a stu­dy place can be bin­ding or con­di­tio­nal. You can­not chan­ge the con­fir­ma­tion you have made afterwards. You can con­firm the stu­dy place eit­her elect­ro­nical­ly with the link that is sent to your email from or in the My Stu­dyin­fo ‑ser­vice.  Applicants who accept a stu­dy place will not be con­si­de­red as first-time applicants in futu­re admis­sions to hig­her educa­tion.

Regi­stra­tion and sub­mit­ting cer­ti­fica­tes

After you have accep­ted the stu­dy place, you need to regis­ter as a stu­dent for the aca­de­mic year 2021–2022. The dead­li­ne is the same as for the accep­tance of the stu­dy place. Read more

Upload the copies of requi­red educa­tio­nal cer­ti­fica­tes to the applica­tion form by 16 July 2021. If you fail to hand in the copies by the given dead­li­ne your stu­dy place will be revo­ked. See dead­li­nes for sub­mit­ting cer­ti­fica­tes

In case of ques­tions, plea­se con­tact Admis­sion Ser­vices.

New Stu­dent’s Gui­de, Star­ting your stu­dies

New Stu­dent’s Gui­de

On this Gui­de, you find impor­tant infor­ma­tion about star­ting the stu­dies, housing, aca­de­mic year, sche­du­les etc.

Star­ting your stu­dies

The stu­dies start in August/September 2021 (Wärt­si­lä Cam­pus, Kar­ja­lan­ka­tu 3, 80200 Joen­suu) with an orien­ta­tion to stu­dies, get-toget­her events to meet stu­dents and staff, an indi­vi­dual inter­view with a coun­sel­lor and with a tuto­ring teac­her.

Ori­gi­nal school cer­ti­fica­tes used as a basis for applying will be veri­fied during the two first weeks of stu­dies in August. The­re­fo­re, you need take your ori­gi­nal cer­ti­fica­tes with you at your first day at uni­ver­si­ty. Stu­dents enrol­ling absent, need to veri­fy their ori­gi­nal cer­ti­fica­tes at the begin­ning their stu­dies. The stu­dent admis­sion is con­di­tio­nal until the copies of the cer­ti­fica­tes and the ori­gi­nal cer­ti­fica­tes have been veri­fied.