Industrial Mana­ge­ment

Degree: Bac­he­lor of Engi­nee­ring (Industrial Mana­ge­ment), Insi­nöö­ri (AMK)
Extent and dura­tion: 240 cre­dits ECTS | 4 years
Loca­tion: Wärt­si­lä Cam­pus, Kar­ja­lan­ka­tu 3, 80200 Joen­suu, Fin­land
Intake/year (Joint admis­sion): 40 (Onli­ne exa­mi­na­tion 8, ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion in Fin­land 12, ent­rance exa­mi­na­tion via FINNIPS 6, SAT test 2, cer­ti­fica­te-based selec­tion 12: Fin­nish Mat­ricu­la­tion Exa­mi­na­tion and Inter­na­tio­nal Bacca­lau­rea­te Degrees 8, Fin­nish Voca­tio­nal Upper Secon­da­ry Qua­li­fica­tion 4)
Lan­gua­ge of tui­tion: English
Applica­tion period: 7 — 20 Janua­ry 2021

Stu­dent admis­sion criteria


An engi­neer gra­dua­ted from Industrial Mana­ge­ment is the most sought pro­fes­sio­nal in inter­na­tio­nal lar­ge and medium-sized com­pa­nies. This degree awar­ding educa­tion com­bi­nes tech­no­lo­gy, busi­ness and mana­ge­ment skills. You will recei­ve great boost towards your futu­re career, as Kare­lia UAS has over 100 years of expe­rience in busi­ness and 60 years of expe­rience as an instruc­tor in technology.

The four-year degree gives you strong exper­ti­se in intel­li­gent pro­duc­tion (IoT, Lean, Robo­tics, Qua­li­ty, Data Ana­ly­sis), sales, pro­duct and ser­vice life cycle mana­ge­ment, and in team and pro­ject lea­ders­hip. The major inter­na­tio­nal busi­ness part­ners of our uni­ver­si­ty par­tici­pa­te acti­ve­ly in the trai­ning. The needs and visions of lea­ders in this field are reflec­ted in the teac­hing con­tent and ways of studying.

Thanks to our com­mit­ted inter­na­tio­nal part­ners, you can stu­dy abroad for a varie­ty of dura­tions. At the same time, you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to specia­lize in the strengths of our partners.

After gra­dua­tion, you will deve­lop busi­ness and sol­ve problems in an inter­na­tio­nal team at home or abroad. In your duties you are deve­lo­ping a new busi­ness or impro­ving your company’s pro­duc­ti­vi­ty and efficiency. Your job is in pri­va­te busi­nes­ses or in the public sec­tor. You have excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ties to con­ti­nue your stu­dies with Euro­pean Mas­ters programmes.

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