Indus­trial Management

This degree award­ing educa­tion combines tech­nol­ogy, busi­ness and manage­ment skills. You will receive great boost towards your future career, as Karelia UAS has over 100 years of expe­ri­ence in busi­ness and 60 years of expe­ri­ence as an instruc­tor in technology.

Degree: Bach­e­lor of Engi­neer­ing (Indus­trial Manage­ment), Insinööri (AMK)
Extent and dura­tion: 240 credits ECTS | 4 years
Loca­tion: Wärt­silä Campus, Karjalankatu 3, 80200 Joensuu, Finland
Study places in Joint Appli­ca­tion: 40
Language of tuition: English

Appli­ca­tion period: 3 – 17 January 2024
Student selec­tion methods and number of students selected: Inter­na­tional UAS Exam 25 students, SAT-test 5 students, Certifi­cate-based student selec­tion based on matric­u­la­tion exam­i­na­tion 5 and voca­tional degree 5

The four-year degree gives you strong expertise

An engi­neer grad­u­ated from Indus­trial Manage­ment is the most sought profes­sional in inter­na­tional large and medium-sized companies. 

The four-year degree gives you strong exper­tise in intel­li­gent produc­tion (automa­tion, Lean, Robot­ics, Quality, Data Analy­sis), sales, product and service life cycle manage­ment, and in team and project lead­er­ship. The major inter­na­tional busi­ness part­ners of our univer­sity partic­i­pate actively in the train­ing. The needs and visions of leaders in this field are reflected in the teach­ing content and ways of studying.

Thanks to our commit­ted inter­na­tional part­ners, you can study abroad for a variety of dura­tions. At the same time, you have the oppor­tu­nity to special­ize in the strengths of our partners.

After grad­u­a­tion, you will develop busi­ness and solve prob­lems in an inter­na­tional team at home or abroad. In your duties you are devel­op­ing a new busi­ness or improv­ing your company’s produc­tiv­ity and effi­ciency. Your job is in private busi­nesses or in the public sector. You have excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ties to continue your studies with Euro­pean Masters programmes.

Career oppor­tu­ni­ties

Possi­ble job titles include, for example:

  • Quality Engi­neer
  • Designer
  • Produc­tion Engi­neer or Manager
  • Project Designer or Manager
  • Sales Engi­neer
  • Solu­tion Engineer
  • Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Market­ing Planner or Manager
  • Tech­ni­cal Service Expert
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Entre­pre­neur

Wissal El Megouni, Morocco: The Indus­trial Manage­ment programme offers many career opportunities 

During my studies, I have met many students from differ­ent back­grounds and cultures and learned to coop­er­ate, work together, and exchange expe­ri­ences.

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