Inter­na­tion­al­i­sation is strategic collab­o­ration and team play!

Inter­na­tion­ality is one of the strategic aims of Karelia University of Applied Science (Karelia UAS). Karelia2030 strategy identifies five main areas to work with and develop until 2030 to meet with the regional and global challenges. At the time of disruption and challenging global trends, fostering the prosperity and well-being of the somewhat remote and densely populated region is the uttermost goal of the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. North-Karelia is suffering from a fast-growing ageing population, severe lack of expertise and competent labour in the near future and decreasing economic expec­ta­tions. Yet a lot of potential is available and with a systemic co-creative approach in selected high-quality networks it is possible to tackle the challenges and shape our future in a positive way.

Strategic focuses

  • first, education and compe­tences (goals: smooth pathways for continuous learning and systemic U2B operations);
  • second, inter­na­tion­al­i­sation of the region and promotion of education-based immigration (goals: more degrees and in-service training available in English; strong contri­bution into inter­na­tional RDI and global education);
  • third, sustainable well-being (goals: promotion of active ageing; innova­tions in health and care technologies)
  • fourth, smart production and services (goals: innova­tions in smart special­i­sation, power BI, digital­i­sation), and
  • fifth, carbon neutral solutions (goals: foster sustainable business, innova­tions and technologies in renewable energies and construction) which all will be system­at­i­cally worked with and developed in relevant partner ecosystems. These all areas are needed when we meet with the challenges in a positive way.

Karelia UAS has strong inter­na­tional networks, compe­tence and refer­ences on meaningful inter­na­tional research, devel­opment and innovation (RDI) collab­o­ration that has impact in a long-run and serve the regional devel­opment in a coherent manner. Karelia UAS partic­i­pates in the Erasmus+, Nordplus, NPA, and TFK programmes. From November 2020 Karelia UAS is part of INVEST Erasmus+ European University Alliance consortium.

Inter­na­tion­al­i­sation is for the future. It strengthens students’ and staff’s profes­sional and trans­versal compe­tencies providing inter­na­tional aspects to degree and continuous education, RDI and services.

Exchange studies and traineeships

Karelia UAS has more than 100 partner insti­tu­tions in 25 different countries. Every year about 160 students from Karelia UAS are either studying or doing practical training abroad and about 120 inter­na­tional students are studying or doing practical training in Karelia UAS/in the region. Karelia UAS offers courses and modules for incoming exchange students and support in finding place­ments. Find more infor­mation for incoming Exchange Students.

Outgoing students will gain more infor­mation and support about their possi­bil­ities for student and trainee exchanges and other ways to inter­na­tion­alise themselves from the inter­na­tional coordi­nator of their study field. Studies completed abroad are fully credited into the degree at Karelia UAS.

>> European Policy Statement
>> Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027
>> Karelia Infor­mation sheet 2023-24

Education in English

Bachelor’s degree programmes Inter­na­tional Business, Indus­trial Management and Infor­mation and Commu­ni­cation Technology are offered completely in English. More infor­mation about the appli­cation procedure is available at:

Inter­na­tion­al­i­sation at home

Becoming inter­na­tional does not always require students travelling abroad – personal barriers can be many, starting from family and work situa­tions. Karelia UAS offers plenty of possi­bil­ities to go inter­na­tional at home during the studies.

Karelia UAS Inter­na­tional Edition

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For more information

Head of Inter­na­tional Affairs
Dr. Liisa Timonen
Inter­na­tional partner­ships and networks, Inter­na­tional RDI (Erasmus+, Horizon), Global education services
+358 50 5913397, [email protected]

Head of Education
Ms. Ulla Asikainen
Inter­na­tional degrees and mobility, HEI services for immigrants, Inter­na­tional student recruitment
+358 50 5234355, [email protected]

Inter­na­tional Relations Coordi­nators
Ms. Antonia Stavridou
Outgoing and incoming students, TFK and Nordplus progammes
+358 50 3458262, [email protected]

Ms. Katriina Korhonen
Erasmus+ Insti­tu­tional coordi­nator, Erasmus+ agree­ments, mobility funding and EWP, staff mobility
+358 50 5855146, [email protected]