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Organisations with their needs and skills meet when people meet. Through student–company collaboration the co-operation possibilities offered by the Karelia UAS become familiar to the companies, students can gain a feeling for working life and businesses obtain an opportunity to make use of the knowledge and fresh views of the makers of the future.

On-the-job training

One good form of co-operation is practical training on-the-job. The trainee can take part in, for example, the development of the organisation. The fresh knowledge of the trainee can also be used in tasks that otherwise might not be performed, because of the lack of skills or resources.

Final projects

Final projects leading to a UAS degree are assignments in research, planning, production and development that serve working life. Each UAS student completes a final project, usually in the final stage of his or her studies. A final project is a wide study module – it amounts to an average of 400 hours of work by the student, which corresponds to about three months of work. For the students, it is also a learning process where they develop and demonstrate their skills in applying the knowledge and skills learned in their professional studies in practical expert assignment.

Typical planning and development projects are, for example, the planning and realising of a quality handbook, a business plan or a procedures manual. Final project can also be functional. In this case, the student makes a product or carries out a project, for example, a guidebook, a book, a model, an exhibition, a collection or a technical device.

Project studies

In student projects, a company or an organisation may make use of an existing study unit or module. Common endeavours arise out of the organisation’s need for which solutions are sought together with the organisation, students and supervising teachers. Karelia UAS has different learning and service environments where studying is conducted in the form of a project.

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