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Organ­i­sa­tions with their needs and skills meet when people meet. Through student–company collab­o­ra­tion the co-oper­a­tion possi­bil­i­ties offered by the Karelia UAS become famil­iar to the compa­nies, students can gain a feeling for working life and busi­nesses obtain an oppor­tu­nity to make use of the knowl­edge and fresh views of the makers of the future.

On-the-job train­ing

One good form of co-oper­a­tion is prac­ti­cal train­ing on-the-job. The trainee can take part in, for example, the devel­op­ment of the organ­i­sa­tion. The fresh knowl­edge of the trainee can also be used in tasks that other­wise might not be performed, because of the lack of skills or resources.

Final projects

Final projects leading to a UAS degree are assign­ments in research, plan­ning, produc­tion and devel­op­ment that serve working life. Each UAS student completes a final project, usually in the final stage of his or her studies. A final project is a wide study module – it amounts to an average of 400 hours of work by the student, which corre­sponds to about three months of work. For the students, it is also a learn­ing process where they develop and demon­strate their skills in apply­ing the knowl­edge and skills learned in their profes­sional studies in prac­ti­cal expert assignment.

Typical plan­ning and devel­op­ment projects are, for example, the plan­ning and real­is­ing of a quality hand­book, a busi­ness plan or a proce­dures manual. Final project can also be func­tional. In this case, the student makes a product or carries out a project, for example, a guide­book, a book, a model, an exhi­bi­tion, a collec­tion or a tech­ni­cal device.

Project studies

In student projects, a company or an organ­i­sa­tion may make use of an exist­ing study unit or module. Common endeav­ours arise out of the organisation’s need for which solu­tions are sought together with the organ­i­sa­tion, students and super­vis­ing teach­ers. Karelia UAS has differ­ent learn­ing and service envi­ron­ments where study­ing is conducted in the form of a project.

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