Local Services

Karelia UAS offers versatile services to companies and organi­za­tions in the region. We partic­ipate actively in the devel­opment of the province as the executor of various research and devel­opment assign­ments. Our opera­tions are based on the goal of devel­oping the regional business and indus­trial life to meet inter­na­tional compe­tence require­ments. Collab­o­ration is both a prereq­uisite and a resource for our success.

Language and Commu­ni­cation Services

Our language and commu­ni­cation services offer a chance to improve the skills in foreign languages and the knowledge of foreign cultures. We offer language training for companies, organ­i­sa­tions in the public sector and different commu­nities. In addition to English, you can study Swedish, Russian, French and Spanish. We also organise courses in Finnish and commu­ni­cation, such as grammar and spelling, presen­tation skills, and the forms and proce­dures of meetings and negoti­a­tions. We offer versatile services in language checking, proof reading and translation.

Audio-visual and webmedia services

We produce high-quality audio-visual products that more than measure-up to current standards. Our facil­ities in film and sound production meet the require­ments of digital technology. Our expert services include, for example, 3D technology, video and multi-camera produc­tions, webmedia services as well as graphic and content services.

Well-being services

Services relating to the field of social services and health care are produced on Tikkarinne campus as expert and student work. Services by students can be, for instance, devel­opment projects for companies realized as students’ final projects or services in the area of the well-being of work commu­nities. Expert services include cooper­ation in devel­opment projects and education with businesses.

Product devel­opment and design services

The aim of our services is to create new value: business, marketing, product and service concepts for the use of business life and the devel­opment of entre­pre­neurship. We offer service packages for different needs of industry and commerce. Service packages include intensive INNOs­tudios® and longer-term market surveys and devel­opment services. Services for companies are realized with the help of incubator businesses, students and experts.

Energy and environment services

We cooperate with businesses in product and service devel­opment in both national and inter­na­tional levels. The leading areas of our expertise are the devel­opment of energy business, production of pellet, biogas, and solution plans for energy sustenance. 

Laboratory and testing services

Our technical laboratory services include, among other things, construction engineering, plastic technology, precision engineering and wood construction services.

Contact Infor­mation

Mr Harri Mikkonen
Head of Business Services
+358 50 502 0402