Local Ser­vices

Local Expert Ser­vices

Kare­lia UAS offers ver­sa­ti­le ser­vices to com­pa­nies and orga­niza­tions in the region. We par­tici­pa­te acti­ve­ly in the deve­lop­ment of the pro­vince as the execu­tor of various research and deve­lop­ment assign­ments. Our ope­ra­tions are based on the goal of deve­lo­ping the regio­nal busi­ness and industrial life to meet inter­na­tio­nal com­pe­tence requi­re­ments. Col­la­bo­ra­tion is both a pre­requi­si­te and a resource for our success.

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Lan­gua­ge and Com­mu­nica­tion Ser­vices

Our lan­gua­ge and com­mu­nica­tion ser­vices offer a chance to impro­ve the skills in foreign lan­gua­ges and the know­led­ge of foreign cul­tu­res. We offer lan­gua­ge trai­ning for com­pa­nies, orga­ni­sa­tions in the public sec­tor and dif­fe­rent com­mu­ni­ties. In addi­tion to English, you can stu­dy Swe­dish, Rus­sian, French and Spa­nish. We also orga­ni­se cour­ses in Fin­nish and com­mu­nica­tion, such as gram­mar and spel­ling, pre­sen­ta­tion skills, and the forms and proce­du­res of mee­tings and nego­tia­tions. We offer ver­sa­ti­le ser­vices in lan­gua­ge chec­king, proof rea­ding and trans­la­tion.

Audio-visual and web­me­dia ser­vices

We pro­duce high-qua­li­ty audio-visual pro­ducts that more than mea­su­re-up to cur­rent stan­dards. Our faci­li­ties in film and sound pro­duc­tion meet the requi­re­ments of digi­tal tech­no­lo­gy. Our expert ser­vices inclu­de, for example, 3D tech­no­lo­gy, video and mul­ti-came­ra pro­duc­tions, web­me­dia ser­vices as well as grap­hic and con­tent ser­vices.

Well-being ser­vices

Ser­vices rela­ting to the field of social ser­vices and health care are pro­duced on Tik­ka­rin­ne cam­pus as expert and stu­dent work. Ser­vices by stu­dents can be, for ins­tance, deve­lop­ment pro­jects for com­pa­nies rea­lized as stu­dents’ final pro­jects or ser­vices in the area of the well-being of work com­mu­ni­ties. Expert ser­vices inclu­de coo­pe­ra­tion in deve­lop­ment pro­jects and educa­tion with busi­nes­ses.

Pro­duct deve­lop­ment and design ser­vices

The aim of our ser­vices is to crea­te new value: busi­ness, mar­ke­ting, pro­duct and ser­vice concepts for the use of busi­ness life and the deve­lop­ment of ent­repre­neurs­hip. We offer ser­vice pac­ka­ges for dif­fe­rent needs of industry and com­merce. Ser­vice pac­ka­ges inclu­de inten­si­ve INNOs­tu­dios® and lon­ger-term mar­ket sur­veys and deve­lop­ment ser­vices. Ser­vices for com­pa­nies are rea­lized with the help of incu­ba­tor busi­nes­ses, stu­dents and experts.

Ener­gy and envi­ron­ment ser­vices

We coo­pe­ra­te with busi­nes­ses in pro­duct and ser­vice deve­lop­ment in both natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal levels. The lea­ding areas of our exper­ti­se are the deve­lop­ment of ener­gy busi­ness, pro­duc­tion of pel­let, bio­gas, and solu­tion plans for ener­gy sus­te­nance.

Labo­ra­to­ry and tes­ting ser­vices

Our tech­nical labo­ra­to­ry ser­vices inclu­de, among other things, con­struc­tion engi­nee­ring, plas­tic tech­no­lo­gy, preci­sion engi­nee­ring and wood con­struc­tion ser­vices.

Con­tact Infor­ma­tion

Mr Har­ri Mik­ko­nen
Head of Busi­ness Ser­vices
+358 50 502 0402