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Research Permis­sions

Infor­mation about research permit matters are available for Karelia UAS personnel and students in the personnel intranet and Pakki portal.

Instruc­tions for non-members of Karelia UAS

 A written research permit is always required for all research, devel­opment projects and theses regarding providing infor­mation relating to Karelia University of Applied Sciences or its students and personnel. A research permit is applied for in writing by using a form, which includes infor­mation on the applicant for the research permit, the research itself and the infor­mation required for the research. The research plan is also to be included. In cases where Karelia UAS is asked to provide personal data, a description of the personal data file is needed along with the application.

Granting of research permit and provision of information

The signed appli­cation (Karelia UAS research permit appli­cation) for a research permit with attach­ments is to be scanned and sent to [email protected]. The processing time of the appli­ca­tions is approx­i­mately two (2) weeks. The applicant is notified via email to the email address given in the application.

In regard to personnel, only work e-mail addresses will be provided (the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life 759/2004), or the enquiry will be organised via the personnel intranet.

In regard to students, commu­ni­cation infor­mation is only provided for those students, who according to the Student Admin­is­trative System basic database have given permission for the provision of their infor­mation for research purposes, or the enquiry will be organised via Pakki portal. The process guide for the research permit is based on the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the Act on the Openness of Government Activ­ities (621/1999).

The provision of other infor­mation required for research will be agreed upon on a case by case basis.

The researcher under­takes to destroy the personal data after publishing the results.

Description of personal data file

If personal data file is created during the research then appli­cation must also be accom­panied by page three (3) of the research permit appli­cation and Scien­tific Research Register Description (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Sections 10 and 14) or description of the personal data file (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Section 10).

The applicant complies with the provi­sions of the Personal Data Act when processing and securing personal data. After the research is completed the applicant is respon­sible for deleting or achieving the data in appro­priate manner defined in the Personal Data Act.

For more infor­mation, see Data Protection Ombudsman’s web pages

Fees for research permit applications

A fee for a research permit appli­cation will be charged, if the study requires

  • providing infor­mation on students or personnel delivered as an Excel file by secured e-mail to the researcher,
  • organ­ising an inquiry in students’ Pakki portal or staff’s intranet or e-mailing the inquiry to a target group, or
  • inter­viewing students or members of staff, arranging group discus­sions among students or members of staff, or recording any material.

Provision of other infor­mation needed for the study will be agreed on individually.

Hourly charge 80 € (+ VAT), minimum charge 150 € (+ VAT).

The fee may not be charged, if the applicant is a contract or project partner of Karelia UAS and a member of staff or members of staff of Karelia UAS partic­ipate in the study, or if Karelia UAS is allowed to have an access to the results of the study, is so required.

The infor­mation needed will be delivered by a secured e-mail. Karelia UAS will invoice the applicant of the research permit with a separate invoice.