Research Permissions

Information about research permit matters are available for Karelia UAS personnel and students in the personnel intranet and Pakki portal.

Instructions for non-members of Karelia UAS

For research, development projects, and theses that require the disclosure of personal information related to Karelia University of Applied Sciences or its students/staff (e.g., email addresses), a written research permit is required. A research permit is applied for in writing by using a form, which includes information on the applicant for the research permit, the research itself and the information required for the research. The research plan is also to be included. In cases where Karelia UAS is asked to provide personal data, a description of the personal data file is needed along with the application.

Granting of research permit and provision of information

The signed application (Karelia UAS research permit application) for a research permit with attachments is to be scanned and sent to [email protected]. The processing time of the applications is approximately two (2) weeks. The applicant is notified via email to the email address given in the application.

In regard to personnel, only work e-mail addresses will be provided (the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life 759/2004), or the enquiry will be organised via the personnel intranet.

In regard to students, communication information is only provided for those students, who according to the Student Administrative System basic database have given permission for the provision of their information for research purposes, or the enquiry will be organised via Pakki portal. The process guide for the research permit is based on the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999).

The provision of other information required for research will be agreed upon on a case by case basis.

The researcher undertakes to destroy the personal data after publishing the results.

Description of personal data file

If personal data file is created during the research then application must also be accompanied by page three (3) of the research permit application and Scientific Research Register Description (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Sections 10 and 14) or description of the personal data file (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Section 10).

The applicant complies with the provisions of the Personal Data Act when processing and securing personal data. After the research is completed the applicant is responsible for deleting or achieving the data in appropriate manner defined in the Personal Data Act.

For more information, see Data Protection Ombudsman’s web pages

Fees for research permit applications

A fee for a research permit application will be charged, if the study requires

  • providing information on students or personnel delivered as an Excel file by secured e-mail to the researcher,
  • organising an inquiry in students’ Pakki portal or staff’s intranet or e-mailing the inquiry to a target group, or
  • interviewing students or members of staff, arranging group discussions among students or members of staff, or recording any material.

Provision of other information needed for the study will be agreed on individually.

The minimum charge for a research permit is 150 € (+ VAT). The payment link will be provided in connection with the decision.

The fee may not be charged, if the applicant is a contract or project partner of Karelia UAS and a member of staff or members of staff of Karelia UAS participate in the study, or if Karelia UAS is allowed to have an access to the results of the study, is so required.

The information needed will be delivered by a secured e-mail.