Research and Deve­lop­ment Acti­vi­ty

Research and Deve­lop­ment Acti­vi­ty

“Success grows from exper­ti­se and acti­vi­ty”

The needs of research, deve­lop­ment and inno­va­tion acti­vi­ties (RDI) in Kare­lia UAS ari­se in prac­ti­se from busi­ness and wor­king life. RDI acti­vi­ty aims at the deve­lop­ment and crea­tion of new and alrea­dy exis­ting ser­vices, pro­ducts, met­hods, faci­li­ties, proces­ses and sol­ving prac­tical problems. Examples of RDI ser­vices are com­mis­sio­ned research, sur­veys and ana­ly­sis, stu­dents’ prac­tical work, final pro­jects and dif­fe­rent short and long-term co-ope­ra­tion pro­jects. RDI areas of focus in Kare­lia UAS are modern wel­fa­re ser­vices a well as sus­tai­nable ener­gy and mate­rials.

Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences is a cent­ral part of the regio­nal inno­va­tion sys­tem. As a com­pe­tent and inno­va­ti­ve part­ner we want to be enhancing the success of the who­le region. You, your com­pa­ny or com­mu­ni­ty have a chance to bene­fit from our ver­sa­ti­le and prac­tical know-how, networks and expe­rience.

Con­tact Details

Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences
Tik­ka­rin­ne 9
FI-80200 Joen­suu

Ms Anne Ilvo­nen
Research and Deve­lop­ment Direc­tor
Tel. +358 50 311 6314

Ms Mari­ka Tur­kia
RDI Specia­list
Tel. +358 50 409 6026
Coor­di­na­tion and sup­port ser­vices of natio­nal RDI acti­vi­ties and pro­jects