Research, Development and Innovation

“Success grows from expertise and people”

The needs of research, development and innovation activities (RDI) in Karelia UAS arise in practise from business and working life. RDI activity aims at the development and creation of new and already existing services, products, methods, facilities, processes and solving practical problems. Examples of RDI services are commissioned research, surveys and analysis, students’ practical work, final projects and different short and long-term co-operation projects.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences is a central part of the regional innovation ecosystem. As a competent and innovative partner we want to foster the success of the whole region. You, your company or community have a chance to benefit from our versatile and applicable know-how, networks and experience.

Contact Details

Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Tikkarinne 9
FI-80200 Joensuu
Email [email protected]

Ms Anne Ilvonen
Research and Development Director
Tel. +358 50 311 6314

Dr Liisa Timonen
Head of International Affairs
International RDI, partnerships and global services
Tel. +358 50 591 3397

Ms Marika Turkia
RDI Specialist
Tel. +358 50 409 6026
Coordination and support services of national RDI activities and projects