Alumni Activities

Alumni network for graduates of Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia UAS alumni is a network for the graduates of Karelia University of Applied Sciences or any preceding institutes of Karelia UAS. It is the link between our educational institution and working life. Karelia UAS alumni activities aim at encouraging the graduates to continue their interaction with their former university and thus strengthen the collaboration between the staff, graduates and students of Karelia UAS.

Alumni membership

The alumni of Karelia University of Applied Sciences include all graduates of Karelia University of Applied Sciences or any preceding institutes of Karelia UAS as well as foreign degree students and exchange students who have been studying at Karelia UAS. Furthermore, former employees of Karelia UAS can also be registered as Karelia UAS alumni.

As an alumnus, you will become a part of an expert network, you can create new contacts, and maintain contact with your fellow students. Our alumni are provided with current information on education, new research, recent projects and publications. We also invite our alumni to join our activities and attend our events. You can choose the channel you would like to use to contribute to the development of education and to enhancement of our students’ working life knowledge.

Welcome to join alumni network

You can join Karelia UAS alumni network by filling in a registration form. Your personal data will be then recorded in our alumni register. Information stored in our register will not be disclosed to outside parties. You will receive alumni-related post regularly after the registration. Alumni membership is free of charge.

Join alumni Facebook group

Update Karelia to your education information on LinkedIn and you will be listed as alumnus on Karelia’s page.

Alumni benefits and discounts

Open UAS study is free of charge! For more information, please contact [email protected].

The following services are offered to the alumni by TARMO free of charge once a year:
1) Inbody body composition analysis
2) Fitware-ergometric test
3) Oura ring
All services include personal feedback and written instructions. (The package is worth ca. 140-200 euros.) Remember to mention “alumni” when making your reservation. Reservations at 050 913 1787 or [email protected].

Are you planning a reunion or a group meeting? Our alumni can reserve the Karelia UAS premises for reunions and group meetings for free. The reservation can be done electronically. Mention in the additional information space that your meeting involves Karelia alumni reunion/group meeting.

Career stories

We collect career stories from the graduates of North Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Karelia UAS. If you are a NKUAS or Karelia UAS alumnus, please share your career story with us and give our students an example of finding one’s own career after graduation. These career stories will be used when counseling our students, and some stories will also be published at this website and through the means of alumni communication. Read students and alumni stories.

Send us your career story with your picture to alumni(at)

Contact information: alumni(at)