Alum­ni Acti­vi­ties

Alum­ni network for gra­dua­tes of Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences

Kare­lia UAS alum­ni is a network for the gra­dua­tes of Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences or any prece­ding ins­ti­tu­tes of Kare­lia UAS. It is the link between our educa­tio­nal ins­ti­tu­tion and wor­king life. Kare­lia UAS alum­ni acti­vi­ties aim at encou­ra­ging the gra­dua­tes to con­ti­nue their inte­rac­tion with their for­mer uni­ver­si­ty and thus strengt­hen the col­la­bo­ra­tion between the staff, gra­dua­tes and stu­dents of Kare­lia UAS.

Alum­ni mem­bers­hip

The alum­ni of Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences inclu­de all gra­dua­tes of Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences or any prece­ding ins­ti­tu­tes of Kare­lia UAS as well as foreign degree stu­dents and exc­han­ge stu­dents who have been stu­dying at Kare­lia UAS. Furt­her­mo­re, for­mer emplo­yees of Kare­lia UAS can also be regis­te­red as Kare­lia UAS alum­ni.

As an alum­nus, you will beco­me a part of an expert network, you can crea­te new con­tacts, and main­tain con­tact with your fel­low stu­dents. Our alum­ni are pro­vi­ded with cur­rent infor­ma­tion on educa­tion, new research, recent pro­jects and publica­tions. We also invi­te our alum­ni to join our acti­vi­ties and attend our events. You can choo­se the chan­nel you would like to use to cont­ri­bu­te to the deve­lop­ment of educa­tion and to enhance­ment of our stu­dents’ wor­king life know­led­ge.

Welco­me to join alum­ni network

You can join Kare­lia UAS alum­ni network by fil­ling in a regi­stra­tion form. Your per­so­nal data will be then recor­ded in our alum­ni regis­ter. Infor­ma­tion sto­red in our regis­ter will not be disclo­sed to out­si­de par­ties. You will recei­ve alum­ni-rela­ted post regu­lar­ly after the regi­stra­tion. Alum­ni mem­bers­hip is free of char­ge.

Join alum­ni Face­book group

Upda­te Kare­lia to your educa­tion infor­ma­tion on Lin­ke­dIn and you will be lis­ted as alum­nus on Karelia’s page.


Kari Tör­rö­nen is the alum­nus of the year 2019 at Kare­lia UAS

Suvi Has­si­nen is the alum­nus of the year 2018 at Kare­lia UAS

Jiri Jor­mak­ka is the alum­nus of the year at Kare­lia UAS

Alum­ni bene­fits and discounts

Open UAS stu­dy is free of char­ge!
For more infor­ma­tion, plea­se con­tact

The fol­lowing ser­vices are offe­red to the alum­ni by Fysio­tik­ka free of char­ge once a year:
1) Inbo­dy body com­po­si­tion ana­ly­sis
2) Fitwa­re-ergo­met­ric test
3) Oura ring
All ser­vices inclu­de per­so­nal feed­back and writ­ten instruc­tions. (The pac­ka­ge is worth ca. 140–200 euros.) Remem­ber to men­tion “alum­ni” when making your reser­va­tion. Reser­va­tions at 050 913 1787.

Are you plan­ning a reu­nion or a group mee­ting?
Our alum­ni can reser­ve the Kare­lia UAS pre­mi­ses for reu­nions and group mee­tings for free. The reser­va­tion can be done elect­ro­nical­ly. Men­tion in the addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion space that your mee­ting invol­ves Kare­lia alum­ni reunion/group mee­ting.

Career sto­ries

We col­lect career sto­ries from the gra­dua­tes of North Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences and Kare­lia UAS. If you are a NKUAS or Kare­lia UAS alum­nus, plea­se sha­re your career sto­ry with us and give our stu­dents an example of fin­ding one’s own career after gra­dua­tion. The­se career sto­ries will be used when coun­se­ling our stu­dents, and some sto­ries will also be publis­hed at this web­si­te and through the means of alum­ni com­mu­nica­tion. Read stu­dents and alum­ni sto­ries.

Send us your career sto­ry with your pic­tu­re to alumni(at)

Con­tact infor­ma­tion


Ms Mar­jo Neno­nen, +358 50 362 7074, marjo.nenonen(at)