The international environment helps to grow

The International Environment Helps to Grow Professionally and Personally

Irina Timofeeva, International Business student 

Irina Timofeeva moved from Russia to Finland to study at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. She started hers studia at the Open UAS in Study Path Programme. It means studies in a normal study group but with open university student’s status. Irina Timofeeva, a citizen of Russian Federation from Kostomuksha, had already considered the possibility of switching to Finland for higher education when she studied at high school.

Irina got interested in International Business Studies Karelia UAS in Joensuu.

- Applying to the Open University was simple, and no entrance exams were needed, Timofeeva says.

Joensuu was not a familiar city for Timofeeva before.

- The decision that I was approved to study came quickly and soon it was time to move. I had little anticipation about what kind of student life would be in Finland and I did not have time to think about it, Timofeeva says.

Timofeeva moved to Penttilä district in Joensuu at the beginning of the autumn semester, with a short distance to both Karelia UAS Wärtsilä campus and the city centre, and the beautiful scenery of Pielisjoki river. She enjoys both the city and her studies.

- The studies at the Karelia UAS are a good combination of theory for practical projects. We have implemented projects for real companies. I like the international environment as it helps to grow both professionally and personally.

When a sufficient number of credits were accomplished, Timofeeva was accepted as a degree student.

- When I was studying at the open university I did not have any official student status and I was staying in Finland with tourist visas. I had to go to Russia often to renew the visa. The teachers understood my situation well and did not disapprove, even though I missed some lessons.

Prior to her graduation, Irina Timojefeva plans to go for student exchange in South Korea and do a practical training in a company. After graduating, she would like to work in entertainment industry combining music and commercial expertise.

- I’m really pleased to my studies here. I can recommend Karelia to everyone, thanks Timofeeva.


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