Master’s Degree Programmes

Profes­sional master’s degrees are aimed to profes­sion­als for devel­op­ing their exper­tise and manage­ment skills. You are eligi­ble when you have a bachelor’s degree and two years of work expe­ri­ence from equiv­a­lent field after grad­u­a­tion. Master’s degrees consist of 60 – 90 ECTS credits. Educa­tion is carried out as blended learn­ing or completely online.

The major benefit of study­ing a master’s degree at Karelia UAS is that you can connect all your projects and the thesis to your own work and profes­sional devel­op­ment. Gain the next level on your career with us!

Master’s Degree Programmes in English

Master of Engineering

Sustain­abil­ity Management

With master’s degree in sustain­abil­ity mange­ment you will lead and support the deploy­ment of sustain­able tech­nolo­gies and organ­i­sa­tional change processes for organisations.

Master’s Degree Programmes in Finnish

Master of Health Care, Master of Social Services

Active Ageing

You will gain multi­form compe­tence in ageing-related issues and will learn to operate in multi-profes­sional devel­op­ment tasks support­ing the reha­bil­i­ta­tion and well­be­ing of older people. 

Devel­op­ment and Manage­ment of Health Care and Social Services

You will strengthen your manage­ment skills focus­ing on compe­tences in HR strate­gies, strat­egy compe­tences and oper­a­tion and quality devel­op­ment. You will strengthen your own exper­tise and learn to under­stand organ­i­sa­tional change processes.

Master of Engi­neer­ing, Master of Natural Resources

Tech­nol­ogy Compe­tence Management 

You will increase your devel­op­ment skills in the manage­r­ial duties and readi­ness to main­tain your compe­tences and develop your exper­tise. You will learn to fore­cast the devel­op­ment needs and changes of your field and manage customers.

Intel­li­gent produc­tion

You will learn to utilise automa­tion and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence to enhance produc­tion and processes for your organisation.

Master of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion, Master of Hospi­tal­ity Manage­ment, Master of Culture and Arts

Busi­ness Manage­ment and Lead­er­ship

You will gain compe­tence in manag­ing and devel­op­ing your work commu­nity. You will deepen your own area of exper­tise and learn strate­gic plan­ning and manage­ment of change.