Master’s Degree Programmes

Professional master’s degrees are aimed to professionals for developing their expertise and management skills. You are eligible when you have a bachelor’s degree and two years of work experience from equivalent field after graduation. Master’s degrees consist of 60 – 90 ECTS credits. Education is carried out as blended learning or completely online.

The major benefit of studying a master’s degree at Karelia UAS is that you can connect all your projects and the thesis to your own work and professional development. Gain the next level on your career with us!

Master’s Degree Programmes in English

Master of Engineering

Sustainability Management

With master’s degree in sustainability mangement you will lead and support the deployment of sustainable technologies and organisational change processes for organisations.

Master’s Degree Programmes in Finnish

Master of Health Care, Master of Social Services

Active Ageing

You will gain multiform competence in ageing-related issues and will learn to operate in multi-professional development tasks supporting the rehabilitation and wellbeing of older people.

Development and Management of Health Care and Social Services

You will strengthen your management skills focusing on competences in HR strategies, strategy competences and operation and quality development. You will strengthen your own expertise and learn to understand organisational change processes.

Master of Engineering, Master of Natural Resources

Technology Competence Management

You will increase your development skills in the managerial duties and readiness to maintain your competences and develop your expertise. You will learn to forecast the development needs and changes of your field and manage customers.

Intelligent production

You will learn to utilise automation and artificial intelligence to enhance production and processes for your organisation.

Master of Business Administration, Master of Hospitality Management, Master of Culture and Arts

Business Management and Leadership

You will gain competence in managing and developing your work community. You will deepen your own area of expertise and learn strategic planning and management of change.