Master’s Degree Programmes taught in Finnish

Master’s degrees are meant for graduates already in working life who want to further develop their expert skills. A UAS Master’s degree produces quali­fi­ca­tions for public office that are equiv­alent to those produced by Master’s degrees taken in univer­sities and other academic institutions.Master’s degrees consist of 60—90 ECTS credits. Education is carried out as blended learning. It is possible to study while working. Master’s degree programmes are instructed in Finnish.

Social Service Health and Sport

Master of health care, Master of social services

Active Ageing 90 cr, 2 years

You will gain multiform compe­tence in ageing-related issues and will learn to operate in multi-profes­sional devel­opment tasks supporting the rehabil­i­tation and wellbeing of older people. You will be ready to develop, evaluate and renew services and social solutions furthering the health, functional ability and partic­i­pation of the elderly.

Devel­opment and Management of Health Care and Social Services 90 cr, 2.5 years

You will strengthen your management skills focusing on compe­tences in HR strategies, strategy compe­tences and operation and quality devel­opment. You will strengthen your knowledge of your own expertise and learn to under­stand various phenomena related to organ­i­sa­tional change processes and their management.

Techology, Commu­ni­cation and Transport

Master of engineering, Master of natural resources

Sustainable Energy Economy 60 cr, 2 years 

You will gain compe­tences in devel­oping the bioenergy business, expand your views on sustainable devel­opment and management, and become ready for multi­dis­ci­plinary and inter­na­tional network co-operation. You will under­stand the meaning of sustainable devel­opment and will have skills to develop the energy field in managerial duties. You will have the readiness to work as an independent expert.

Technology Compe­tence Management 60 cr, 2 years 

You will increase your devel­opment skills in the managerial duties and readiness to maintain your compe­tences and develop your expertise. You will learn to forecast the devel­opment needs and changes of your field, manage customers, and develop strategic and HR strategic competences.

Social Sciences, Business and Administration

Master of business admin­is­tration, Master of hospi­tality management or Master of culture and arts

Business Management and Leadership

 90 cr, 2.5 years 

You will gain compe­tence in managing and devel­oping your work community. You will deepen your own area of expertise and learn strategic planning and management of change. After gradu­ating you will be able to recognise the challenges in your organ­i­sation and choose appro­priate tools for development.

Take a chance!

Appli­cation to Master’s level programmes at Univer­sities of Applied Sciences (UAS) takes place through the Finnish joint national appli­cation system. To be eligible, a prospective student has to possess a Bachelor’s Degree in the applied field or other applicable academic degree and a minimum of three years’ work experience after gradu­ation in the applied field.