Bachelor’s Degrees

Universities of Applied Sciences are institutions that, together with universities, offer higher education. UAS graduates are professionally oriented experts in their own fields. Studies are based on the newest theoretical knowledge and, simultaneously, they are strongly orientated towards working life. The acquired skills are applicable already during the studies in projects carried out in working life, various assignments, thesis and the compulsory practical training.

The structure and duration of studies

A UAS degree consists of common core studies, complementary studies, practical training and a thesis. It takes 3.5—4.5 years to take a degree and its scope is degree-specific: 210 ECTS credits (3.5 years), 240 ECTS credits (4 years). A student’s work load is approximately 60 ECTS credits per year.

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Degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides you with a wide knowhow for working on the ICT field in Finland.

The Degree Programme in International Business enables you to develop expertise required in global business. The main focus of the studies is on international marketing as a part of successful business. 

student making a test in a laboratory

The four-year degree gives you strong expertise in intelligent production, sales, product and service life cycle management, and in team and project leadership. The major international business partners of our university participate actively in the training. 

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes taught in Finnish

Bachelor of business administration

Business Economics 210 cr, 3.5 years 

You will study business in an international, operative environment. You will be provided with a solid base in marketing, financial administration and law. In your studies your will have various commissioned projects and you will be able to create business contacts and networks. You will complement your studies for example by studying entrepreneurship and managerial skills. Part of the studies are virtual.

Business Information Technology 210 cr, 3.5 years

You will be provided with competences to utilise information and communications technology in software production, business operation development, data system integration and development projects. In the studies of game programming you will learn to implement game logic and characters into a game development environment. The studies can be taken virtually.

Bachelor of engineering

Energy and Environmental Engineering 240 cr, 4 years

You will learn to develop industry productions to be environmentally friendly, plan renewable energy solutions and to measure and analyse the state of the environment. You will study water economy, mathematic and natural scientific subjects, business, entrepreneurship and project management. You will gain skills to solve various problems with the means of sustainable development and technology.

Mechanical Engineering 240 cr, 4 years

You will study machines and production line planning, production and maintenance. In mechanical design your studies will concentrate on designing and developing machines and machine systems for the mechanical and metal industry. You will study production operations, development and techniques as well as production system automatisation and organising resources.

Civil Engineering 240 cr, 4 years

Your will learn to plan, implement and maintain high quality buildings. You can deepen your studies in structural design or building production. Our focus area is wood construction. The studies are based on Euronorms, which will also enable you to operate internationally. You will be able to take part in genuine building projects and use modern research equipment in our construction laboratory.

Building Services Engineering 240 cr, 4 years

You will learn to plan, implement and maintain the technical entities of a building such as electricity and HVAC planning and related building automation solutions. You will study e.g. mathematic-scientific theories, planning and implementation skills, product development and the idea of maintenance concept during the life cycle of building services engineering.

Bachelor of natural resources

Forestry 240 cr, 4 years

You will gain competences in wood procurement, renewable energy, forest bioeconomy business operations and entrepreneurship. Forestry and ecology, utilising forest resource planning and forest management, forest and environmental legislation, languages and communication will ensure your professionalism. 

Bachelor of health care

Physiotherapy 210 cr, 3.5 years

You will study health promotion, mobility and functional ability as part of clients’ rehabilitation. The studies include practical training, during which you will learn physiotherapy in versatile operative settings. Part of the practical training can be conducted in our learning and service environment Voimala.

Nursing 210 cr, 3.5 years

You will learn to implement care, quality and patient safety and perform various nursing procedures and multi-professional teamwork in a simulation learning environment and practise in social and health care units.

Public Health Nursing 240 cr, 4 years 

You will develop to become an expert in the field of nursing and health promotion and learn to support individuals and communities in their own health and well-being. You will understand the prevention of health risks and illnesses, take care of the ill and develop a healthy environment.

Gerontology 210 cr, 3,5 years 

Your will study multidisciplinary gerontology and develop to become an expert in the field of active ageing. The themes in the studies are health, functional capacity, and well-being.

Occupational Therapy, 210 cr, 3.5 years

Degree Programme in Occupational Therapy provides you with an extensive knowledge in occupational therapy. You will gain an understanding of human functional capacity, occupation, environment and the underlying factors. Occupational therapy takes a process approach and you as a rehabilitation professional will encounter and support your clients with expertise of the latest research in the field.

Bachelor of social services

Social Services 210 cr, 3.5 years

You will gain skills to encounter and guide people in different life situations. The studies include contents which you will explore from a social pedagogical viewpoint with a hands-on approach. You will also have the possibility to obtain the qualification of a kindergarten teacher.

Bachelor of culture and arts

Communication 240 cr, 4 years

You will become an expert in media communication for companies and communities. You will deepen your studies in audio-visual media (production, scriptwriting, sound design, video production) or online media (concept and media planning, mobile technology). 

Bachelor of hospitality management

Tourism, 210 cr, 3,5 years

You will learn to productize and market nature, culture, and event tourism services. You will gain competences in creating memorable and profitable entities which are marketed in versatile ways. Essential subjects are also service, communication and cooperative skills as well as the principles of a profitable and responsible business.