Open UAS

Avail­able to everyone

Open Studies are open to every­one, irre­spec­tive of age or educa­tional back­ground. Open Studies at Karelia UAS (Univer­sity of Applied Sciences) offer you an oppor­tu­nity to study courses that are part of Karelia UAS degrees.

Open Studies give you an oppor­tu­nity to:

  • develop your exper­tise or the knowl­edge and skills needed in working life
  • find a field/profession of your interest
  • take courses before apply­ing for a degree programme
  • learn about study­ing at Karelia UAS
  • study as a hobby

Open Studies offer you the possi­bil­ity to complete degree courses, even if you cannot complete the whole degree through them. In order to complete a degree you have to be a degree student at Karelia UAS. If you have completed Open Studies and you are later chosen as a degree student at Karelia UAS, the credits of all success­fully completed Open Studies courses can be trans­ferred to your Karelia UAS degree.

Course Offer­ings and Enrollment

The educa­tion on offer is mainly in Finnish, but there are also courses in English. 

The enroll­ment for studies at the Karelia Open UAS is done online with the appli­ca­tion form in the course description.

Use always the online regis­tra­tion form even if you have already enrolled on some courses before.  Student are selected on the first-come-first-serve bases. Infor­ma­tion of accep­tance or place­ment on the waiting list is sent to the student right after the registration.

Enrol­ment for studies at the Open UAS is always binding. A student of the Open UAS is granted the right to study limited in time and content. The right to study cannot be exchanged for other studies or trans­ferred to the next acad­e­mic year.

If you cancel or inter­rupt your studies, the fee will not be refunded. The fee will only be refunded if Karelia UAS cancels the educa­tion or your medical condi­tion prevents you from attend­ing the studies (medical certifi­cate must be presented). The regis­trant accepts the cancel­la­tion and payment terms when enrolling.


Open studies are conducted during two semes­ters during the Acad­e­mic Year: autumn semes­ter (August – Decem­ber) and spring semes­ter (January – July) Study fee depends on the amount of the courses (and study points) taken:

1 study points  10 euro
2 study points  20 euro
3 study points  30 euro
12 study points or more 120 euro. 

The fee is payable upon enrolment.

Open UAS Path Studies

Path studies are an alter­na­tive route to a degree student. You study first year studies with a degree group at the Open UAS. In some degrees, it is also possi­ble that path students have their own group.

Path studies are right for you if

  • your goal is a study right in a degree programme
  • you want to take advan­tage of the inter­me­di­ate year by study­ing purposefully
  • you are ready for full-time studies
  • you want to try to study at a Univer­sity of Applied Sciences or in a certain field without losing your first-time quota in a joint application

Study fee in the Study Path Programme is 240 e for full Acad­e­mic Year. 

After complet­ing 30 credit points of the study programme you can apply for the admis­sion as a degree student. Study Path Programme options:

Regis­tra­tion for Study Path Programme is organ­ised every August. 

Karelia UAS study guide

Karelia UAS study guide includes curric­ula, descrip­tions of study units, and infor­ma­tion on the annual imple­men­ta­tions of study units. The study guide is avail­able at

Student bene­fits and services

Studies at an open UAS are non-degree studies, so they do not entitle you to finan­cial aid for students or other social bene­fits for students, such as student housing, or meal subsi­dies or school trans­port subsi­dies provided by Social Insur­ance Insti­tu­tion Kela.

Open UAS students, who are study­ing indi­vid­ual courses are enti­tled to the follow­ing Karelia student services:

  • library
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Karelia Servicedesk (IT support)
  • univer­sity chaplain

Infor­ma­tion for inter­na­tional students

Open Studies are part of the Finnish adult educa­tion system. They are basi­cally avail­able for all, although they are mainly targeted to those already living in Finland. This is because Open UAS students are not enti­tled to a student visa. However, if you are visit­ing Finland on a tempo­rary short-term visa or if you do not need a resi­dence permit to enter Finland (EU students), it is possi­ble for you to take Open Studies courses.

Further infor­ma­tion

For further infor­ma­tion, please, contact [email protected]