Open UAS

Available to everyone

Open Studies are open to everyone, irrespective of age or educa­tional background. Open Studies at Karelia UAS (University of Applied Sciences) offer you an oppor­tunity to study courses that are part of Karelia UAS degrees.

Open Studies give you an oppor­tunity to:

  • develop your expertise or the knowledge and skills needed in working life
  • find a field/profession of your interest
  • take courses before applying for a degree programme
  • learn about studying at Karelia UAS
  • study as a hobby

Open Studies offer you the possi­bility to complete degree courses, even if you cannot complete the whole degree through them. In order to complete a degree you have to be a degree student at Karelia UAS. If you have completed Open Studies and you are later chosen as a degree student at Karelia UAS, the credits of all success­fully completed Open Studies courses can be trans­ferred to your Karelia UAS degree.

Course Offerings and Enrollment

The education on offer is mainly in Finnish, but there are also courses in English. 

The enrollment for studies at the Karelia Open UAS is done online with the appli­cation form in the course description.

Use always the online regis­tration form even if you have already enrolled on some courses before.  Student are selected on the first-come-first-serve bases. Infor­mation of accep­tance or placement on the waiting list is sent to the student right after the registration.

Enrolment for studies at the Open UAS is always binding. A student of the Open UAS is granted the right to study limited in time and content. The right to study cannot be exchanged for other studies or trans­ferred to the next academic year.

If you cancel or interrupt your studies, the fee will not be refunded. The fee will only be refunded if Karelia UAS cancels the education or your medical condition prevents you from attending the studies (medical certificate must be presented). The regis­trant accepts the cancel­lation and payment terms when enrolling.


Open studies are conducted during two semesters during the Academic Year: autumn semester (August – December) and spring semester (January – July) Study fee depends on the amount of the courses (and study points) taken:

1 study points  10 euro
2 study points  20 euro
3 study points  30 euro
12 study points or more 120 euro. 

The fee is payable upon enrolment.

Online Courses in English

The studies listed below can be entirely completed remotely and free of charge.

Finnish for Beginners, 2 cr

Basics of Lean Thinking, 2 cr

Climate Change and Circular Economy, 2 cr

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, 2 cr

Open UAS Path Studies

Path studies are an alter­native route to a degree student. You study first year studies with a degree group at the Open UAS. In some degrees, it is also possible that path students have their own group.

Path studies are right for you if

  • your goal is a study right in a degree programme
  • you want to take advantage of the inter­me­diate year by studying purposefully
  • you are ready for full-time studies
  • you want to try to study at a University of Applied Sciences or in a certain field without losing your first-time quota in a joint application

Study fee in the Study Path Programme is 240 e for full Academic Year. 

After completing 45 credit points of the study programme you can apply for the admission as a degree student. Regis­tration for Study Path Programme is organised every August. 

Regis­tration for Study Path Programme in Autumn 2023 starts 7th August at 9.00 and ends 8th August at 9.00. Please note the regis­tration is open only for 24 hours.

Study Path Programme options:

Karelia UAS study guide

Karelia UAS study guide includes curricula, descrip­tions of study units, and infor­mation on the annual imple­men­ta­tions of study units. The study guide is available at

Student benefits and services

Studies at an open UAS are non-degree studies, so they do not entitle you to financial aid for students or other social benefits for students, such as student housing, or meal subsidies or school transport subsidies provided by Social Insurance Insti­tution Kela.

Open UAS students, who are studying individual courses are entitled to the following Karelia student services:

  • library
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Karelia Servicedesk (IT support)
  • university chaplain

Infor­mation for inter­na­tional students

Open Studies are part of the Finnish adult education system. They are basically available for all, although they are mainly targeted to those already living in Finland. This is because Open UAS students are not entitled to a student visa. However, if you are visiting Finland on a temporary short-term visa or if you do not need a residence permit to enter Finland (EU students), it is possible for you to take Open Studies courses.

Further infor­mation

For further infor­mation, please, contact [email protected]