Open UAS

Available to everyone

Open Studies are open to everyone, irrespective of age or educa­tional background. Open Studies at Karelia UAS (University of Applied Sciences) offer you an oppor­tunity to study courses that are part of Karelia UAS degrees.

Open Studies give you an oppor­tunity to:

  • develop your expertise or the knowledge and skills needed in working life
  • find a field/profession of your interest
  • take courses before applying for a degree programme
  • learn about studying at Karelia UAS
  • study as a hobby

Open Studies are part-time studies and subject to a fee. Most of the course options are avaible in Finnish but some can also be comleted in English. Please note that the studies often contain contact lessons and require atten­dance in Joensuu, Finland.

Open Studies offer you the possi­bility to complete degree courses, even if you cannot complete the whole degree through them. In order to complete a degree you have to be a degree student at Karelia UAS. If you have completed Open Studies and you are later chosen as a degree student at Karelia UAS, the credits of all success­fully completed Open Studies courses can be trans­ferred to your Karelia UAS degree.

Study Path Programme

Study Path Programme offers you a possi­bility to study towards degree as an open UAS student. After completing 55 credit points of the study programme you can apply for the admission as a degree student. Regis­tration for Study Path Programme is organised every August. There are only restricted amount of study places available in Study Path Programme. Please, check the exact time of regis­tration period and act promptly! You will find the link to the regis­tration form at this page some weeks prior to regis­tration period.

Infor­mation for inter­na­tional students

Open Studies are part of the Finnish adult education system. They are basically available for all, although they are mainly targeted to those already living in Finland. This is because Open UAS students are not entitled to a student visa. However, if you are visiting Finland on a temporary short-term visa or if you do not need a residence permit to enter Finland (EU students), it is possible for you to take Open Studies courses.

Further infor­mation

For further infor­mation, please, contact