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We can offer capacity building and learning oppor­tu­nities for educators, local leaders, teachers, students and everybody from all walks of life. Check our offering and contact us – we tailor the services based on your needs and expectations.

Karelia UAS oppor­tu­nities for students

Profes­sional devel­opment programmes

Hot Topic: Active ageing

A group of profes­sionals including decision and policy makers, practi­tioners in the field, researchers and active citizens, who all in their turn promote active ageing in Chile, partic­i­pated in the online training programme discussing different dimen­sions of ageing phenomena and practices to foster better life for all. 

They learnt from the Finnish best practices, devel­opment process, regional and national policy and care that promote holistic well-being. The course supports the national policy and action making in Chile and can be applied to any country consid­ering the challenges of ageing population. 

Hot Topic: Joint inter­na­tional degree in Renewable Energy

The inter­na­tional degree in renewable energy has been a great success story in China for almost ten years already. The degree programme is created and imple­mented jointly by Karelia University of Applied Sciences and its Chinese partner, and accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Culture. 

The student enrolment is 100 students a year, and the first graduates have been very well received by the employers. The graduates have key compe­tences and skills to promote more sustainable and respon­sible energy solutions in China. Thus, it will have a signif­icant impact in a long-run. Just recently the programme passed success­fully the re-evalu­ation process by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Culture and is to be continued for many years more. 

New Students Guide

Welcome to start your studies at Karelia University of Applied Sciences! On this Guide, you find infor­mation about starting the studies, housing, academic year etc.

Info for incoming exchange students

Here you can find infor­mation about appli­ca­tions, courses, orien­tation, inter­na­tional office, contact persons and so on.

Alla Vokhta´s student story

Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business

The university helps to create connec­tions with local and inter­na­tional companies in order to complement theoretical learning with practical experience.

Studying at Karelia UAS

The path to a great future is paved with skills and expertise. Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) is proud to be part of this devel­opment by training skilled professionals. 

Recom­men­da­tions for Applicants

Inter­na­tional students of Karelia UAS give recom­men­da­tions to appli­cants who consider Finland and Joensuu as their study place.