About Us

Karelia UAS operates in seven study fields offering 24 programmes out of which six are master-level studies. The study areas are health care and social studies, business, engineering, forestry, media and hospitality management. 

The path to a great future is paved with skills and expertise. Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) is proud to be part of this development by training skilled professionals. Karelia UAS is a multidisciplinary, widely connected, international and innovative organisation offering education leading to bachelor and master degrees.

Karelia UAS operates in two campuses in the close proximity of the Joensuu city centre in easternmost Finland.

A well-recognised RDI partner

Karelia UAS is a significant and well-recognized operator in education and plays a key role in the regional development and research, development and innovation (RDI) activities. Karelia UAS operates actively in various national and international networks. International partner networks include many Asian, African, European, and North- and South-American countries. China is one of the key partner countries where the education co-operation is actively and systemically developed in collaboration with the partners.

International orientation in every level of the organisation

We offer excellent conditions for internationally oriented  students who strive with us to be the experts of the future. In Karelia University of Applied Sciences, all students work closely with local companies and with other educational institutions on exciting research and development projects. Each student builds a solid grounding in their field throughout their studies. The curriculum is customised to each student’s own preferences and needs, and is supplemented through close contact with prospective employers. A degree from Karelia University of Applied Sciences degree will give the professional skills needed for a rewarding future.

Karelia 2023

  • Students 4340
  • Staff 313
  • Degree Programme in Finnish 15
  • Degree Programmes in English 3
  • Master’s Degree Programmes 6
  • Graduates 818
  • Turnover 32,4 M€