Suvi Has­si­nen is the alum­nus of the year 2018 at Kare­lia UAS

Suvi Has­si­nen is the alum­nus of the year 2018 at Kare­lia UAS


Suvi Has­si­nen, a year 2015 gra­dua­te from Kare­lia UAS Degree Pro­gram­me in Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness, has been selec­ted as the alum­nus of the year. Has­si­nen, who works as the CEO of Havel Oy, has been acti­ve­ly coo­pe­ra­ting with Kare­lia UAS after her gra­dua­tion. She has been sha­ring her career sto­ry with Kare­lia UAS stu­dents and also coo­pe­ra­ting with Kare­lia UAS stu­dents through various pro­ject commissions.

Suvi Has­si­nen comple­ted her Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness stu­dies at Kare­lia UAS success­ful­ly, and her career path in a fami­ly com­pa­ny specia­li­sed in hose guards, fore­stry equip­ment and boa­ting acces­so­ries is a good example of a success sto­ry. She has advanced in her career through various sta­ges and beco­me the CEO of the com­pa­ny. Her inter­na­tio­nal exper­ti­se has been use­ful for the local busi­ness life and also enabled the tar­get-orien­ted con­ti­nua­tion of busi­ness ope­ra­tions in Ilo­mant­si after the chan­ge of owners­hip in the fami­ly company.

The tech­nical sec­tor is not typical of a young woman, but Suvi Has­si­nen has bold­ly and proud­ly taken the lead in the fami­ly com­pa­ny, belie­ved in her own skills, and brought it posi­ti­ve­ly up on various occa­sions. She is also an acti­ve actor as she is in char­ge of inter­na­tio­nal affairs and educa­tion in the Board of Joen­suu Junior Cham­ber of Com­merce, and acts as a junior mem­ber of the local com­mit­tee of Ilo­mant­si of the North Kare­lia Cham­ber of Commerce.

The alum­nus of the year was now selec­ted for the second time at Kare­lia UAS. The word alum­nus (plu­ral alum­ni) refers to all stu­dents gra­dua­ted from Kare­lia UAS and the pre­vious North Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences/North Kare­lia Poly­tech­nic as well as our inter­na­tio­nal exc­han­ge stu­dents. The aim of alum­ni acti­vi­ties is to pro­mo­te the con­nec­tion between Kare­lia UAS and wor­king life and to sup­port the emer­gence of coo­pe­ra­tion between stu­dents and local busi­nes­ses. Kare­lia UAS alum­ni can, for example, work as expert lec­tu­rers in stu­dy units, invi­te stu­dent groups for stu­dy excur­sions at their workplaces, pro­vi­de stu­dents with interns­hips, pro­jects and the­sis topics, and act as men­tors pre­pa­ring stu­dents for wor­king life.

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