Virtual opening ceremony of Karelia UAS academic year 2021-2022

Karelia UAS opens its academic year 2021-2022 today, on Thursday, 2nd September 20201online. The live webcast on Karelia UAS YouTube channel starts at 1pm.

– Common celebra­tions and rituals in different times of year are important for our students and employees in the process of creating our higher education community. The event provides a fantastic start for the academic year for both students and the staff, states President Petri Raivo.

This autumn, 1000 new degree students started their studies at Karelia UAS.

– You have made a good choice coming to study at Karelia UAS. According to a survey conducted among the appli­cants, Karelia UAS has a very good reputation. People like us, our opera­tions are of high quality, and our learning results and learning environ­ments are good. Student satis­faction at Karelia UAS has also been at a very good level for a long time. I wish all new and continuing students and the employees a very good academic year, says President Petri Raivo.

The students and employees of Karelia UAS returned to campuses in August 2021. We will ensure regular in person instruction to all groups and students. We will in particular stress contact lessons for students beginning their studies this coming autumn and those who began their studies during the pandemic. Karelia UAS has the total of 3,700 students studying on two campuses, Tikkarinne and Wärtsilä. More infor­mation and the programme of the event can be found a