Coron­avirus information

North Karelia is now at the basic phase of the coron­avirus epidemic. 

We opened the campuses of Karelia in August and returned to in person instruction as widely as possible.

We will ensure regular in person instruction to all groups and students. We will in particular stress contact lessons for students beginning their studies this coming autumn and those who began their studies during the pandemic. We will support students nearing their gradu­ation with special arrange­ments if restric­tions have impeded the normal completion of their studies.

The devel­opment of the coron­avirus situation is monitored at Karelia UAS on a daily basis. The management meets for a situation analysis regularly and is prepared to take necessary action in order to ensure the safety of UAS activ­ities in all circum­stances. The safety instruc­tions are updated whenever necessary.

Walk-in corona vacci­na­tions for students and staff members of Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Siun Sote and Karelia UAS are arranging a walk-in corona vacci­nation event on Wärtsilä campus, class­rooms 026b and 026c, on Thursday 23th September 2021 as follows: 

  • at 9:00-11:00:              1st and 2nd doses
  • at 12:30-14:30:           1st and 2nd doses

In the walk-in vacci­nation event, the vaccines are given without an appointment in the order of arrival. There will be Moderna vaccines available. All students and staff members of Karelia UAS have the chance to get their vaccine, including inter­na­tional students and staff members, regardless of their place of residence. 

There are 1st and 2nd doses of the corona vacci­nation available to be injected. Please note that the 2nd dose can only be given after six weeks from the first dose. Therefore, 2nd doses are available for those who have had their 1st dose date was 12.8.2021 or earlier.

You should bring your Kela card (social security card), driving licence, identity card or passport with you. When arriving, please take a queuing number and wait for your turn to be called in. Face masks should be worn during the vacci­na­tions and safe social distances need to be maintained.

Maintaining suffi­cient safety distances in all activities

The new variants of COVID-19 spread more quickly than the previ­ously known one. For this reason, THL and also Karelia now recom­mends keeping a distance of more than two metres to others. In addition, close contacts should be further reduced. 

Suffi­cient safety distances:

  • shall be maintained partic­u­larly in the hallways and lobby areas and while waiting in line.
  • shall be observed in recre­ational facil­ities, lounges and other shared areas and it is recom­mended that we avoid hanging around in these facil­ities if it is not necessary. Hand sanitizer shall be used when entering and leaving these areas.
  • between students shall be maintained in class­rooms and in exami­nation facil­ities. Students shall not attend lectures or exams sick or with any symptoms.

Recom­men­da­tions for the use of protective masks

Everyone shall wear a face mask when moving around on campus premises. 

If there is more than one person in an office or meeting room in Karelia UAS premises, everyone in the room shall wear a face mask or a face shield. No mask or shield is required when working alone. In addition, a face mask or a face shield is required to be worn in teaching situa­tions on campuses, incl. teaching from your own office if you share the office with several employees.

Karelia UAS provides two reusable cloth masks for each student. You can pick up your own masks from the info desk on Wärtsilä/Tikkarinne campus as. You will need to present a student card to obtain the masks.

Karelia recom­mends the use of face masks also in situa­tions such as:

  • laboratory exercises
  • students’ practical training periods in places that have given their own recom­men­dation on the use of face masks
  • study-related trips (e.g. joint transport to field exercises)
  • employees’ work trips by public transport or carpools when it is impos­sible to maintain suffi­cient safety distances

Students conducting their practical training periods shall follow the regula­tions and recom­men­da­tions of their practical training place­ments regarding the use of protective masks.

Karelia UAS provides students and employees with face masks and, if needed, protective gloves. It is also possible to use one’s own mask. Protective equipment is available at the infor­mation desks on campuses. Face masks provided by Karelia UAS may only be used for work and study purposes, not in private use.

Recom­men­dation on the use of face masks for citizens (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)

Services on the campuses

  • Student Services, library and the EXAM room are open. Please wear a face mask and keep social distance when visiting these places.
  • The gym and other physical exercise facil­ities are out of use, excluding the necessary educa­tional use.
  • The services of the Student Welfare Officer are available online. You can book an appointment using the electronic appointment calendar.

Student health care

You can book a student health care request via electronic appointment.

Inter­na­tional exchanges

We have prepared for a return to normal regarding inter­na­tional student exchanges and expect inter­na­tional degree students to come to Joensuu in the beginning of the autumn semester.

Inter­na­tional students arriving in Finland for the Spring semester: please find here important infor­mation and links on e.g. travelling, housing and self-quarantine.

You are not allowed to enter Karelia UAS premises if you are sick, have any symptoms of a coron­avirus infection, or if you have been exposed to the virus

You are not allowed to enter Karelia UAS premises if you are sick, have any symptoms of a coron­avirus infection, or if you have been exposed to the virus. If any symptoms occur, it is your respon­si­bility as a member of the higher education community to become tested for the coron­avirus without delay. Employees can use their working hours to get to the test. Follow the instruc­tions you are given as you are tested. If the test result is positive, i.e. you have a coron­avirus infection, or if you have been quaran­tined, you must immedi­ately notify Karelia UAS by emailing to and either phone or email to your super­visor (employees) or teacher tutor (students). Anyone who is experi­encing symptoms or suspects exposure can fill out an assessment of their health at website. The coron­avirus website of Siun sote has regional instruc­tions on how to proceed.

Hand and coughing hygiene

Each member of the community shall maintain good hand hygiene. Careful and frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer is important. Everyone shall immedi­ately wash and sanitize their hands when entering campus premises, when moving from a space or classroom to another, and otherwise as necessary. Hand washing facil­ities are available in campus toilets and hand sanitizers are located in hallways, student restau­rants and other common areas. A disposable tissue shall be used to cover the mouth and the nose when coughing or sneezing, and the tissue shall be disposed immedi­ately. If a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not into your hands.

More infor­mation is available on the website of THL.

High-risk groups

Students belonging to high-risk groups shall inform their teacher tutor or student counsellor as well as the teachers of specific courses of their absence. A certificate from health care providers needs to be presented, if so required. The aim is to ensure fluent cooper­ation between teachers and students for organ­ising the studies in such a way that there is no risk of exposure.

Cleaning and disin­fection of surfaces

Cleaning has been enhanced at Karelia UAS. However, even efficient cleaning alone is not enough for keeping all surfaces clean in the everyday life of a school community. Therefore, it is recom­mended to disinfect the surfaces after each use (such as public computers on campuses). There are disin­fection wipes available for this purpose in Karelia UAS facil­ities. Every user is respon­sible for wiping the surfaces before and after each use.


Work-related travelling in Finland, remote partic­i­pation is preferred, if possible. If they are necessary, a permission needs to be applied from the super­visor, taking general safety instruc­tions into account.

Events on campuses

External events will not be held on Karelia UAS campuses during the autumn term. Remote partic­i­pation in meetings is also recom­mended. In excep­tional cases (e.g. in case of a small number of partic­i­pants), meetings organised by Karelia UAS may also be held on campuses, taking safety instruc­tions into account. It is essential that the organiser ensures in advance that adequate safety measures, e.g. safety distances and other protective measures, are possible.

For more infor­mation, email Any related obser­va­tions and safety devia­tions can also be reported using the safety obser­vation links located in the corridors (QR code).

More infor­mation

Emergency services: tel. 116 117 (24h)

Health care centres: Siilainen tel. (013) 330 2211, Rantakylä tel. (013) 330 2212, Niini­vaara tel. (013) 330 2213

  • Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs:
  • WHO:
  • Ministry for Social Affairs and Health:
  • Siun Sote:
  • Joensuu

National hotline 0295 535 535 provides general infor­mation on the coron­avirus on weekdays at 8 am-9 pm and on Saturdays at 9 am – 3 pm. No individual health counselling or counselling for acute symptoms is provided by the hotline.

(Updated on 15 September 2021)