Tuition fees for non-EU/ETA area degree students

According to the legislation from 1 January 2016 Universities of Applied Sciences are to charge tuition fees from students who are not citizens of countries of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), and who starting their studies 1 August 2017 and onwards. The law on tuition fees applies to the degree programmes in English.

At Karelia UAS, in the Degree Programme in International Business the tuition fee is 5 500 euros for a study year. The tuition fee for the completed 3.5-year’s bachelor’s degree is 22 000 euros.

You are exempted from paying tuition fees if you have one of the documents mentioned below. Please note that you have to send a copy of the document which you use as a basis for exemption to Karelia exemption to Karelia UAS Admission Services by 8 February 2017 by 3:00 pm Finnish time or once you receive it.

  • Passport or identity card to indicate the citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • EU Blue Card
  • Continuous residence permit card in Finland, Type A permit
  • EU Family Member's Residence Card in Finland
  • Permanent residence permit card in Finland, Type P permit
  • EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence permit card in Finland (Type P-EU)

More information

Scholarship programme

Karelia UAS will provide successful students with scholarship based on performance in their studies. All students who are charged for the tuition fee, are eligible. The scholarship is conditional and it will be paid retrospectively. The student will be awarded 50 % reduction of the tuition fee for the next academic year, when completing 55 ECTS credits in a study year with the minimum grade of 2 (scale: satisfactory 1-5 excellent). In the fourth year, the graduating student will receive the last part of the scholarship as a grant when finishing the studies in the recommended study time (5 semesters, 3.5 years).

Collection of tuition fees

The tuition fee will be collected from the student upon receipt of the study place, before enrolling as present. The student will receive a tuition fee invoice in the letter of acceptance.

Students continuing their studies with the enrolment status present will pay their tuition fee at the end of the academic year, by 31st July, according to the invoice they will receive.

The fee can be paid in two instalments so that the first half of the fee is paid as accepting the study place and the other half by the end of January next year. Students continuing their studies with the enrolment status present will pay the first instalment by the end of July and the second instalment by the end of January next year. The student must inform Karelia UAS whether s/he will pay the fee in one or two instalments. Instructions for the payment will be given in the letter of acceptance.

Special issues

If the student falls ill and must be absent from the studies for a semester or an academic year, s/he can transfer his/her payment to the following academic year after providing a medical certificate on the illness.

If the student is compelled to discontinue his/her studies based on her maternity leave or his/her own or a family member’s severe illness, half of the paid tuition fee for the academic year in question will be refunded, if the studies are discontinued no later than the in the halfway of an academic year. The student is responsible for providing proof of the reason for the discontinuation (medical certificate). The tuition fee will not be refunded without a medical certificate. Other type of discontinuation of studies does not entitle to the restoration of the tuition fee.

As described above, the same principle applies to transfer students; if the student transfers to another institution no later than in the hallway of an academic year, half of the tuition fee will be refunded.

Students paying Open UAS fees will be charged with degree education tuition fees as they have the eligibility to apply for degree studies (pathway students), i.e. as they have fully completed one year of studies.