Price list

Overdue fines
0,20 €/item/day, max/customer 10 €

Restoring borrowing rights

If you do not return the item after the overdue notice, your borrowing rights will be suspended. You will be notified of the suspension by mail. Restoring your borrowing rights will cost 10 €. Library will invoice for unreturned loans (after 3rd notice) and unpaid overdue fines exceeding 20 euros.

Reservation fee
not collected, notice sent by e-mail

Compensation of lost or damaged material
- instead of paying for an unreturned or lost item, you may replace it with an equivalent one
- compensation fees
* book > the list price of the bookshop; if not definable 30 €
* thesis 50 €
* copy of journal or periodical 8 €
* audio-visual material 50 €

Information retrievals and user education
Information retrievals for external customers: 60 €/h (min. 1 h)
User education for external customers: 80 €/h (min. 1 h)

Library card
A replacement for a missing library card 5 €

Printouts (self-service)
- A4 black-and-white 0,10 €/page (free of charge if you bring copying papers of your own)

Used books for sale
0,50 - 5,00 €

Interlibrary loans
Interlibrary loans